July Favourites 2013

Skip this first paragraph if you want to spare yourself a rant about school!

I was planning to film my favourite products for July and upload as a video … but my last midterm exam was on August 1 (a Thursday) and we never get a break from midterms so it was back to regular programming the next day (a Friday–plus I have Saturday classes this semester). I could have filmed on Sunday morning, but I was really just too exhausted. “Regular programming” for me means allotting at least six hours a day for reading, apart from class hours which take up most of the late afternoon. I try to get a work out in at least three times a week but this past month that has been impossible. Midterms span two weeks and reviewing for midterms begins at least two weeks in advance if you want to have anything close to a fighting chance. I’m beyond exhausted but still glad that midterms are over…. buuut it’s already time to gear up for finals in September.  I’m not complaining … well who am I kidding, this is pretty much a rant. Haha! I love being in law school but it can be torturous. Anyway, all I really meant to say here was: here are my July faves! JuneFaves131. Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream – I’ve only had this for half of the month but I couldn’t imagine not including this here. It has become my everyday base and I feel like it’s doing something for my skin too, though I’m not exactly sure what that is. Basta it’s good. Won’t say much more because I’ve yet to review this, but I love it!

2. K Palette Zero Kuma Concealer (Type 1)This is my second tube of this concealer, which is why it looks so clean. I have Type 1, which is the moisturizing formula, and I use this every single day on top of my MUD Blue Corrector. The key to getting this product to work properly is that you only need to use the smallest amount of it. It’s more of a brightening concealer than a concealer meant for coverage. Though I’ve never tried those highlighting concealers that come in pen form, I have a feeling that this K Palette product performs a similar function. I’ve loved this since I first got my hands on it and buying a new tube has totally revived the feeling! I never wrote a proper review for this, so do let me know if you’d like to see one!

3. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lipbalm – Back in June I ran out of my Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalm. It had tube packaging, it was peppermint flavoured, and it had an SPF of 15. Those are pretty much the three things I look for in an everyday lipbalm: a MINTY flavour, stick form, and SPF, with the MINTY part being the absolute non-negotiable. I was in need of a locally available alternative and sadly I could not find the combination of all three requirements in one lipbalm (I think Blistex has one, but I hate Blistex!) so I thought satisfying two out of three requirements would be alright. I used the classic Burt’s Bees lip balm in its tin packaging all throughout high school, so this product really takes me back. It’s pretty standard. It doesn’t have SPF but it moisturizes really well and has that minty, cool feeling that I can never get enough of.

4. Fran Wilson Cool Mint Lip Gloss – Told you I like mint! This is a clear lip gloss that is peppermint flavoured–as in it tastes like Mentos aside from feeling nice and cool on the lips! I add this on top of any lipstick whenever I want a bit of shine and that minty kick. It’s not too tacky either, which is great. Got it at Beauty Bar for around 250Php I think.

5. Kate for Rimmel Lipstick in #19 – The perfect rosy brown shade. I should have photographed it with the tube open, sorry! Hehe. I got this while I was in London in May and it can’t have cost me more than 5 pounds. It has that Rimmel lipstick smell that I adore and it has a really great consistency too! Totally going to have my mom buy me another one of these when she goes to London later this year.

6. Urban Decay Naked 2 Brush – I doubt that that’s what this brush is actually called, but it came with my Naked 2 palette so that’s what I’m calling it! It’s a double-ended brush made of synthetic hair. One end is a flat shader and the other is a soft blending brush. Because it is synthetic, I use this when applying cream shadows. The flat end packs on the colour and the fluffy end blends it out! Great brush.

So that’s everything in the photo above, but I do have another favourite thing for the month of July:
JuneFaves13-27. MASCARA – Can you believe that I have all seven of these in rotation right now!? I’m kind of annoyed with myself, because I was supposed to keep some unopened while I test out others… but I couldn’t resist! For the past few months I have been foregoing eyeliner for the most part and going crazy with my lashes instead. This is the result. All of these mascaras are great and all of them yield different results–even the two Fairy Drops mascaras behave quiet differently, even though the only diff is that the pink one is waterproof and the silver isn’t. The silver Fairy Drops mascara is probably my favourite in this bunch, but again they all have their own time and place! My least fave would have to be Maybelline’s The Rocket because it can be flaky.

And those are all my faves for the month of July! :) Hopefully next month I can get a video posted since I do like to talk about the products a lot. Fingers crossed!

What have you been loving lately? :)

5 responses to July Favourites 2013

  1. Jo Cayabyab

    Oh please do a review on the Zero Kuma concealer! I tried it at Beauty Bar because of the rave reviews, but it creased on me. Plus it showed some fine lines that I didn’t know even existed. I do have dry under eyes, or maybe I applied it wrong. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks! :)

  2. Kristine

    Thanks for blogging more frequently Mariana! And yes, a review on th concealer please! :)

  3. geraldine

    Hi iana! You mentioned visiting london last may. I was just wondering if you could blog about it? I know, not totally related but i need a heads up! I’m moving to the UK (Essex, to be exact) early next year and i would like to be prepared about all of it. It’s my first time traveling out of the country without my parents (without anyone, really) and it would greatly help if you can give me tips. I feel like i’m finally leaving the nest and going somewhere totally different and it scares me.. blog about it? Please?

    • Mariana – Author

      Hi Geraldine! I’ll see what I can come up with, though I’ve never actually lived away from home and my parents for longer than 5 weeks. After you’ve moved and settled into Essex for about that amount of time, you’ll already know more than I do! :) Travelling is all about experiences… and it’s so personal that I’m hesitant to give any strict pointers or guidelines. I think the best thing I can say is that having an open mind is imperative. There’s too much wonderful things to miss out on if you close yourself off. At the same time, don’t be too impressionable. Take who you are with you and leave your own mark on the place as much as you allow your new surroundings to leave their mark on you.

      As for travelling ALONE– as in the actual act of travelling– just be smart about it. Don’t be gullible. Keep your eyes open. Be excited. Gah, tbh, I’m so excited for you! Jealous, even! Travelling alone is one of the most privileged things in the world in my mind. It’s the best way to get to know yourself. You have you–solitary you–juxtaposed against this amazingly multifarious world. It’ll teach you more than you expect and affect you in ways you might not even notice until many years after. That’s awesome. :)

      Maybe I will write about travel one time (before you leave sana haha). I seem to have a lot to say about it. But really, just be excited! It’s your own adventure and anything I can think to tell you about it won’t come close to what it will actually be. :)

      • geraldine

        Wow.. what you said is actually better than what i thought i need. Thank you, Iana. You’re totally right. And i am excited, it’s just, you know, the fear of the unknown and all that. I am glad too that i still have a few months to adjust to the idea. I guess my practical side is just overpowering the adventurer in me. I’m really looking forward to you blogging about traveling because i read your entry when you went to new york ( yes, i am a fan of your blog, hehe) and i totally love the details you included. Again thank you for that wonderful message you imparted (i’m saving it, btw, for when the time comes when living in my new home gets too frustrating). It made me a little bolder and a little proud of myself for moving out of my comfort zone. So, good luck to the both of us! May you get to live with YOU for sometime first before settling down. God bless!

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