MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Eclair || Review

MEC2The Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Eclair was launched with MAC’s Baking Beauties collection for Spring/Summer 2013. It’s the only item from the collection that I had any real interest in and I bought it very soon after getting my first Paint Pot, Vintage Selection. Eclair received only praises from Christine of, whose opinions and reviews (as I’ve mentioned many times before) I trust and rely on heavily when I’m thinking of any purchase that I’m not 100% sure of.

Eclair was actually a shade of the PLPP that I had been thinking of purchasing even before Vintage Selection. I swatched it so many times and at so many different MAC counters while I was abroad in May, and I noticed that it was sold out nearly everywhere so I figured it must be good. I didn’t buy it right away though because (as I said) it was always sold out and I was also trying to only buy products that I wouldn’t be able to find at home. After trying Vintage Selection and loving the PLPP texture, I knew that Eclair was a colour I just had to have. I guess one good thing (if the only good thing) about getting collections a little bit later in the Philippines is that it was still available here when I came home. It was a little bit more pricey (approx. 1,300 Php because it was part of a LE collection + the markup), but by that time my mind was so saturated with thoughts of it that I just went ahead and bought it. Good thing it really is a great product! No regrets on this purchase. summer2013_macbakingbeauties001The adverts for this particular MAC collection were really sweet and pretty. I don’t think the powder products and lipsticks got particularly good reviews but the five (two permanent shades and three LE) Paint Pots seemed to do pretty well. Eclair was absolutely aptly named and I’d be lying if I said the name wasn’t part of what made me love it so much. It both sounds and looks too delicious to be makeup. Glad it is makeup though because it makes such a lovely eyeshadow.
MEC6The shade is described by MAC as a “light chocolate with gold pearl” and by Temptalia as “a warm-toned, bronzy brown with copper and bronze shimmer.” See the Temptalia review for a list of dupes– handy because this is a limited edition shade. I actually think I have a lot of similar browns in my collection but they are in powder form. My Laura Mercier metallic cream colour in Burnished Copper is very similar and is also a cream texture, but it has a bit more red in it (you’ll see that later).
MEC3Don’t you wanna just dunk a finger in there and eat it all uuup? Lol. Not the wisest course of action, but it sure seems like fun! There’s really nothing like a freshly unboxed, pristine bit of makeup, eh?
MEC7And here she is swatched on my NC40 skin. Blended out on the left and layered about three times on the right. Eclair is quicker to set than Vintage Selection is, so while it still blends out nicely I need to work faster with this particular shade. It also isn’t nice when there are too many layers on the eyelid, so some self-restraint is needed when trying to intensify the colour. It won’t go past being a nice medium brown unless you layer another shadow over top, which is fine, really. Without a primer, this lasts on my eyelids for a solid 8 hours. With primer, that can stretch out to 12 . MEC5Eclair swatched alongside Vintage Selection. When I don’t wear Eclair by its lonesome, I place Vintage Selection on the inner corner of my eye until the center of the lid, then I blend Eclair into the outer half. They make a good pair. In fact, after trying that look, I realized that I already have two very similar products that yield a very similar effect. I’ve even featured them in a post on this blog before: 
Hehe! My Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold and the Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Burnished Copper are a super similar pairing of colours. They aren’t exactly the same, but it just goes to show how attached to certain colour palettes I can be. The LM products don’t set as easily and they are really of different textures, so the similarity really only is in the colour pairing. I just found it amusing! HeheMEC1Again, Eclair is a limited edition shade, but you may still be able to find it online if you really, really want it. As mentioned earlier, there are dupes out there. MAC also tends to re-promote popular shades in their collections so you could watch out for that. The Pro Longwear Paint Pots normally sell at 1,100.00 Php locally. I suggest checking out the range of permanent colours because there are a lot to choose from. I think I’ll be going for a matte shade next and I’m already excited! :)MEC6

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