COLLECTION Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer || Review

LPC1The Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Concealer is a product that has developed a pretty big following on YouTube and with beauty bloggers in both the UK and US because of its exceptional performance and (very) low price point. Just recently the brand came into the Philippine market (available at SM department stores and Landmark’s beauty section) and thankfully the prices have stayed nice and affordable. I picked this up for 299.00 Php at Landmark about two weeks ago and have been using it daily ever since. So, does it really provide the “ultimate wear” of concealer for up to 16 (!!) hours? 
LPC3Yup! Well, sort of. 16-hour wear is a hefty promise to make, and though it doesn’t last quite so long when it’s up against angry red pimples, this stuff really does provide heavy duty coverage. It’s thick, incredibly pigmented, and transfer resistant once set with a powder. I love this for concealing blemishes. Even the redest of spots don’t stand a chance upon initial application! Depending on the intensity of the blemish, it will keep it covered for the next 5 to 8 hours. For scars that have no active redness/irritation, this will pretty much provide coverage for as long as you need it to.

The thick but still creamy consistency is this concealer’s number 1 strength and also its single drawback. A little bit goes a long way, but at the same time you have to try to avoid applying too much product because it can become cakey after being layered too much. This is also not something you want to be using under the eyes. It’s too heavy for that and you will end up with creases and caking. If you use this sparingly on blemishes, blend well, and set with a nice powder, then you’re totally set.
LPC5Doe foot applicator. Neutral feelings about this type of applicator. I do like the name of it though, which is one shallow reason why I will always point it out. Doe foot. How pretty does that sound? Am I weird? Good. I like weird. Anyway, this isn’t the best because it can collect bacteria after some time, but it’s convenient for dotting the product onto various parts of the face. Use your fingers to blend. Always. LPC4In the Philippines this is available only up to shade #3 “medium” but when I was abroad I learned that there is a shade #4 “deep” which was always sold out at Boots and Superdrug. I think #3 is a good match for my skin colour, but of course I would like to see the widest range of shades be available. Not all Asians are of Chinese and Japanese descent with translucent and immaculately white skin. I hate that assumption.LPC6Look at that pigmentation and coverage! Initial application on the left and blended in on the right. It’s a joy to blend because it doesn’t set too fast but it doesn’t remain too moist once it sets. I used to use the MUFE Full Cover concealer on blemishes, and it is a really awesome product, but since that is more expensive (approx. 900 pesos) and since MUFE pulled out of the country, I was in need of a locally available replacement. The Lasting Perfection concealer couldn’t have come into my life at a better time or at a better price point.
LPC2I don’t really ever shake this except for when I first got it, lol. Maybe once in a while I should! Shelf life of 12 months is pretty standard. Great thing is that even if you haven’t used this up after a year, buying another one won’t break the bank!

LPC7Ingredients list.

So I’m curious to know: what products from Collection have you tried? Is there anything else from the brand worth picking up? :)

13 responses to COLLECTION Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer || Review

    • Mariana – Author

      It’s definitely worth trying to find online! :) But if shipping is too expensive, just look for other alternatives. I have heard that cosmetics in Australia are crazy expensive though. :(

      • kflowermaquillage

        Yes they are very expensive here. I buy most of my makeup online though because I refuse to pay the crazy prices :)

  1. I got the same shade and it looks too light on me except it sets a bit darker (I think?) or maybe I just get used to it after a while, LOL.

    • Mariana – Author

      It does become darker after some time, I think. Noticed that too! #4 looks too dark naman based on reviews. I guess you could always try to alter the shade a bit with a darker powder? But that might be too much of a hassle, hehe.

      Btw, what is your MAC foundation shade? I always wonder if we have the same or similar skin tones. :)

  2. Yca

    Hello, I am new to your blog and I enjoy reading it! And since your skin type has changed, I look forward to your review on powders and foundations etc. since you have very honest and straight to the point opinions. Thank you for the review, I have been looking for blog posts, by FIlipina bloggers, about this concealer. I will definitely go and check, and most probably buy this when I get the chance. :D

  3. Meg

    I found MUFE again in SM Aura (ground floor) today :) They have a standalone booth near Uniqlo and F21.

  4. Lara

    I do like this concealer, i have the same shade as yours. however downside is, it does get darker. Should i get shade #2 instaed since it tends to go dark. :) great review btw.

  5. cathrinah

    Hi..I am in deep search for the best concealer and I found your blog..Is this concealer available in Landmark Trinoma???Thank you for the reply…

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