August Favourites 2013

AugustFaves2August this year was all sorts of awesome. It’s both Greg’s birth month and our “anniversary” month so we always have a lot of reason to celebrate, but this year it was especially great for multitude of reasons. :) Makeup-wise it was a very simple. I went for very clean and soft looks with emphasis on the skin and lips. And when I say emphasis on the lips I don’t mean bold colours, I mean lipgloss for that plump and full effect. I’ve only got three things to show you because… well, I only have three favourites. Simple as that I suppose! :)

1. Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder (Teint Beige 02) My Meteorites seem to hibernate during the summer and come out towards what people in the West experience as “fall.” We don’t get that over here, but it is getting a little bit cooler now (thank goodness) and I love the extra glow that Meteorites provide. I use this brushed very lightly all over my face and I swear it makes me look like I’ve been airbrushed. It’s soft and natural and just using the product is a luxurious experience in itself. The tin is exquisite, the multicoloured pastel pearls smell of jasmine, and they sort of jiggle around softly when I swirl a brush into them… the powder kicks up a bit and you can see the shimmery bits (which never translate badly onto the skin)… ahh, what a lush product. Eyeing a pressed compact version for my next splurge. Either that or another eyeshadow palette! I love me some Guerlain.

2. Shu Uemura Mini Gloss Unlimited Lip Duo set Got this little duo of Shu lipglosses from Taste Central thinking that they would be a tad bit bigger than they actually are. I knew I wasn’t going to be getting the full-sized lipgloss but these disappointed me when I first saw them. They are really great quality though, size problems aside. I picked the set with a milky pink (PK 70C) and a glittery coral (CR 30G) and I have been using them over top of my more natural lipsticks to add some colour, but the main reason I use lipglosses is to make my thin lips look more full. These Shu glosses aren’t too sticky and they wear evenly on the lips. I guess the super mini size has its pros as well. When have I ever finished an entire lipgloss anyway? Never evah.

3. My Inglot Freedom System Palette – I put this together at the Westfield mall in London back in May and I do regret not making a second palette with a more daring selection of colours… I regret it because I’m so happy with the quality of the shadows in this neutral selection as well as the quality of the packaging. Oh well, maybe next time! I used four of the five shadows in this palette a lot in August–all except the shimmery brown, but only because I’m quite tired of shimmery browns. I sweep the lighter matte shade over my lid, shade the crease with the deeper brown, highlight the inner corner with the shimmery pink (love that one!), and finally I use a slightly damp angled brush to line my lash line with the shimmery purple. It’s a soft and kind of romantic look that’s still super simple. Only the purple liner sets it apart from what I consider to be my everyday look, actually, but it makes a difference for sure.

Romantic and soft seem to have been the peg for August. I’m kind of feeling the warmer red tones for eyeshadows in September… autumnal colours! I love fall and holiday makeup… and that is what’s going to make the makeup no-buy so difficult for me. Still excited for the holidays though! Let’s see what I can put together with what I already have.

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