Beauty Chit Chat | Sept 9, 2013

Apologies for the long absence! Things at school have been a bit hectic of late as we’re making up for all of that time we lost when there was a storm last month. Make up classes galore! And not the kind of makeup I love, unfortunately (wow that was corny). So anyway, I have quite the backlog of posts in my drafts folder but I can’t stand to publish things that aren’t quite ready yet, so I thought I would just talk at random a bit. Still about makeup/beauty of course!

I’m only 9 days into my 4-month makeup no-buy and it’s kind of getting to me. I now avoid makeup stores because I get all sad when I look at the products. Announcements of makeup launches for fall are also killing me. Even watching my favourite Youtubers’ videos is starting to become a little difficult because all the makeup just looks so puhretty on them… and now I can’t help but wonder: did I really buy makeup so often that a ban can give me these withdrawal-like symptoms? It’s hilarious in a sad, sad way. Lol.

Before the ban started, I did make it a point to purchase some essentials that I anticipated I would run out of within the next four months. MBPPromise that wasn’t just an excuse to go and buy stuff! I just honestly would not be able to function properly if I ran out of any of these things. It’s not an exclusive bunch, but again, these are things I’m running out of already so I thought stocking up would be wise.

I got two mascaras because all the ones I have in use now are coming up to the 4-month mark of being in use. The Revlon lash potion is one that I have, but I have it in dark brown which I never would have picked for myself (it was a freebie). The formula was lovely so I picked up the deepest black that they have. There is a waterproof version of this but it was not available at the Revlon counter I visited. Sad. Also got the reformulated Fairydrops Platinum mascara. I’m a huge fan of the original formula (silver packaging) so I there was no way I was going to go four months without it in my life.

L’Oreal lip and eye makeup remover. Inexpensive and effective. This is what I use when I have waterproof makeup on my eyes, which isn’t very often, but I obviously don’t want to be caught without this. Have you ever tried removing waterproof mascara without the proper makeup remover? It’s not a pleasant experience and I don’t recommend it!

Revlon lip butter in Pink Truffle and Make Up Designory Blue Corrector #3. My favourite MLBB shade and my holy grail under eye corrector. It’s my second time to re-purchase both of these products (so I’m on my third of each of them)!
GBBOooohmygoodness. There’s a story behind this one, my friends! I had heard many great things about the Garnier BB cream so I snatched it up in London in May (not available locally, GRR) for about 11 GBP if I remember correctly. I didn’t get to test it out until I got home, but when I did, it became pretty apparent why Garnier doesn’t make this available in the Philippines. In our summer heat, this stuff is like water. It just runs out of the spout and is totally a melted version of what it’s meant to be (based on the tester in London). So I shoved it in a drawer and forgot about it for a couple of months.

Last week I was reorganizing that drawer and pulled the BB cream out again. It’s been ever so slightly cooler lately and that little difference has made the product creamy again. I tried it out and fell head over heels in love. This is the only BB cream I can say I adore. Maybe it’s because I don’t need too much coverage these days… but this BB cream just feels so lovely on the skin and it smells super fresh, too. I suppose it isn’t a summer product talaga because the finish is rather dewy (add summer heat and you’ll be too shiny) and it has no SPF*. The lack of SPF is probably the only negative thing I can point out about this product. Medium, the shade I have, is the darker of only two available and is a good match for me. Love it.

BL2Aaand last week I played around with my eyebrows one day by making them extra thick! I think it makes me look a tad manly… definitely not something I’ll be doing on a daily basis but I quite liked the strong look. What do you guys think? On a side note, the mascara I’m using in these photos is the Fairydrops platinum mascara. I think using a good mascara is important when you’ve done strong brows. It kind of counters the stronger look with some femininity.

Do let me know how you feel about this more informal sort of blog post. Tbh, I struggle to be more laid back… in just about every aspect of life (lol), so that definitely carries over into the way I want my blog presented to the world. Still, this is a personal blog and I have been meaning to make it feel more so.

That’s it for my random little chit chat! :) Have a lovely week, everyone!

*I seem to have an older version because Garnier’s website says it has an SPF of 15!

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