Swatched: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 09 and 104

Hello, everyone! :) Happy (end of) Sunday to y’all! Today was rather gloomy but I hope you still found ways to enjoy it. I’m feeling slightly under the weather but I wanted to share photos of these lipsticks with you guys. I love looking at them and I love talking about makeup. If you’re reading this then chances are that the same sort of thing cheers you up, too. Enjoy!

KFR1I first heard of the Kate Moss for Rimmel lippies from Zoella. She’s all about the reds from this range, but there are tons of other shades available too. I picked up #19 when I was abroad, which is a very wearable warm rose. It seems to be a limited edition shade because I can’t find it listed on the Rimmel website. Sad. But anyway, I liked the formula so much that I couldn’t say no to getting a couple of other colours when I saw that bonmarchepage was selling them for just 260Php.
KFR2The Lasting Finish lippies come in either red or black packaging. Red indicates the matte finish and black the regular finishes (either glossy or satin but all with high colour pay-off). I find them to be equally gorgeous and I adore the crown logo embossed onto the top of the cover.KFR3Uhm. Please excuse the goth nails. They looked way better in person, promise.

I was initially thinking of getting shade #01 which is supposed to be Kate Moss’ signature red, but I didn’t feel too excited about it for some reason so I tossed it from my shopping cart just before checkout. I made it a point to get one matte and one regular finish and I knew I didn’t want to make the obvious choice of getting a matte red. So I chose #09, a deep berry from the regular line, and #104, a dirty mauve from the matte line.
I didn’t realize it when I made the purchase, but #09 is a limited edition shade just like my beloved #19. Only figured it out because it doesn’t have the usual sweet scent of Rimmel lip products. I kind of love that smell so it was a bit of a bummer, but the cherry scent (exactly like NYX lippies) fades once the product is applied anyway. #104 smells like a regular Rimmel lipstick, thank goodness! KFS5Here they are swatched! #09 on the left and #104 on the right. Funny how the matte one doesn’t really look matte on my arm–but it is matte on the lips! And I do wish these were named instead of numbered.

These are exceptional lipsticks, but they do give a very specific look. The opaque coverage means that none of them are going to be MLBB shades in the glossy, natural-looking way. Of course there are some shades that will be lip-like, but it will always be obvious that you have something on because they will cover your natural pigment instantly. I would say they are similar similar to the amplified finish of MAC lipsticks, but with a lighter feel to them. Both the regular and matte finishes are slightly drying so I suggest that you apply a lip balm before using these lipsticks. Wear time so-so for the lighter shades and #09, the only deep shade I have, wore well and stood up to some beer-sippin’ action but did not stain.

Again, these are available at and they cost only 260.00 Php. That’s less than most Avon lipsticks and yet they perform like MAC lipsticks. If I weren’t on a makeup ban, I think I would have purchased more of these already!

7 responses to Swatched: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 09 and 104

  1. Do these lipsticks transfer / smudge easily? I love the Rimmel Moisture Renew ones but I find some other Rimmel lipsticks a nightmare to wear. I haven’t tried the Kate Moss ones yet.

    • Mariana – Author

      They don’t travel/bleed, but they do smudge easily if something physically brushes up against your lips! I think these are worth a try! I’ve heard that the older Rimmel lipsticks aren’t great at all, but the new ones in the purple packaging are supposed to be good. :)

  2. tropicthrill

    I wasn’t very interested in these because I remember Christine (From Temptalia) say it felt grainy, but the colors (not to mention the price ha) are so pretty!

    Will you be doing lip swatches in the future?

    • Mariana – Author

      I guess some of them are grainy… might depend on the colour, because #19 is a bit grainy but #09 was super smooth! :)

      I have difficulty doing lip swatches. Maybe because my lips are thin and I feel a little uncomfortable zooming in on them. :)) But I will try to do FOTDs with these! :)

  3. Katie

    The 09 must not be a limited edition anymore, because I got one this week and it does have the cherry scent. (: This is the best review that I found for the product!

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