Sephora Jumbo Liner Review + Some (super duper exciting) Beauty News

When I was 17 I had one Sephora powder eyeshadow. It was a shimmery moss green that wasn’t the best quality, but at the time I didn’t know it and I didn’t really care. I would just sweep it over my lids and I can’t even recall if it looked good… I just knew that I liked it. Haha! At that age my knowledge of makeup covered eyeliners and the use of an eyelash curler. Eyeshadows were new territory for me. I picked out a Sephora one because their in-store displays are simple and straight to the point.

I never really went beyond the Sephora brand stuff when I was younger simply because I didn’t know any better. Soon enough though, I fell in love with some Shu Uemura products. After that, I explored so many other brands that Sephora Collection stuff just faded from my mind. Of course the store itself became makeup paradise for me, but my focus was on every other brand because there are just so many and there are so many other amazing products to try. SJP1This Jumbo Liner is the first Sephora Collection item I’ve purchased since that green eyeshadow from so many years ago. I grabbed it because I was staring at the Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows and I was getting so frustrated at how expensive they were. I couldn’t justify spending 22 Euro (was in Paris) on one eyeshadow, so I paid 8 Euro for the Sephora liner instead. Strange how the prices in USD are so different but I remember the price difference distinctly because I was so shocked at the huge gap.

The Jumbo Liners came in a small range of shades in the particular branch I was at so I went with 07 Brown– a safe option.
SJP2It is not a twist-up pencil so you need to own a sharpener than can handle chubby pencils if you wanna buy this. I haven’t sharpened mine yet because I don’t use it very often, but it looks like one pencil will last a while because it’s easy to use even when the tip is already blunt–some might even like it that way better. 
SJP3The shade is a shimmery neutral muddy brown. Pay-off is intense but you can blend the edges out well enough. You will need to work quickly because it will set within 30 seconds. It can sometimes be a pain, but that’s also why it lasts so very long. You will get 12-hour wear out of this shadow. It also did not crease on me when I wore it. It acts as a nice base for gold eyeshadows when swept over the eyelid because the solid base will really make the gold shine. Oh and they’re not kidding around about it being waterproof! You’ll need a waterproof makeup remover to get this off at the end of the day. Great for humid weather!

I don’t use the Jumbo Liner as often as the many other brown eyeshadows I own because it is so dark. Tends to look one dimensional if I don’t layer another colour over top. It also leans cool on my skin and I have to think about how to balance it out when I wear it. All of that aside, it is a really good cream eyeshadow formula. You can get a really quick smokey eye with this by smudging it along the lash line and under the eyes too.  It also works all over the lid, as I mentioned earlier, with the single drawback that it can look too solid at times.

Sephora-picSo that’s the review done and now let’s move on to the chismis (gossip in Tagalog).

I’ll just dive right into it: I was talking to a cousin who works in the cosmetics industry and she told me that Sephora is finally going to open in the Philippines(!!!). I don’t know if that’s general knowledge in her world but I was certainly excited to hear it! 2015 is the magic year. It’s a long way away but at least we won’t have to fly out of the country to get our hands on a lot of brands that Sephora carries, and the Sephora Collection itself too of course. :)

I can’t 100% confirm anything. 2015 is two years away and things could change between now and then. But I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to expand into the country, so I think it’s safe to be excited! No more crazy shipping rates and resorting to carrier services to ship in products! Wuhoo! :)

That totally made my day and I hope it made yours too! :) Woot woot!

11 responses to Sephora Jumbo Liner Review + Some (super duper exciting) Beauty News

  1. tropicthrill

    I was just thinking “why don’t we have a Sephora here” a while back.
    Now, I’d also like an Ulta haha

  2. somelovelybacon

    I am totally excited!!! Hopefully Sephora brings UD back to the Philippines! I just know Naked palettes will be crazy hard to get my hands on. BTW I’m also an Ateneo Law student – or I was until I graduated this year. Good luck on your finals week! :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Yeah and hopefully the price hike won’t be too bad! Competitive market right now so our chances are good. Haha :) And thank you, fellow Atenean! If that means you’re taking the Bar this year, GOOD LUCK! :) My thoughts are with you!

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