Tomorrow I finally take my last exam for the semester and I can get back to gushing about makeup. Hooray! :) I’m going to try to post at least every other day beginning Monday, but I just had to share something with you guys (as I’m taking a short break to rest my brain anyway).
I’m still on my makeup ban, but I do like to keep up with what’s new, even if it kills me because I know I can’t buy anything (all of the holiday collections are launching! *cries).

So I popped into beauty Bar earlier this week and spotted an interesting new brand called Yadah. It’s Korean, cutesy, and really affordable! They seem to have everything from sunblock and bb creams to lipbalms, mascara, and even makeup pouches! The one thing that really caught my eye though was the lip crayon!

IMG_2976Supercute packaging! :)

They didn’t even have testers out the first time I saw the brand so I went back this afternoon to have a look again. They had testers open this time and everything I sort of checked for consistency and colour pay-off looked really promising, but today I’ll just be sharing swatches of the lip crayons!

IMG_2979There are five colours to choose from and they go for 195Php a pop. There’s one very sheer shade and the other four are satisfyingly pigmented, though they’re definitely not full coverage. Tbh, I wanted to share photos and swatches of more of the brand, but I got hiya to take more photos! Hehe

IMG_2981L-R: Fresh Orange, Lovely Pink, Pink Tint, Cherry Red, Rose Pink

Rose Pink and Lovely Pink are my top picks and I nearly broke my ban for them. Lovely Pink in particular looks like a shade that will suit the season’s brighter lip trend… Which I was quite surprised by, but it’s fun naman. The sheer shade (Pink Tint) looks boring in the photo, but in person and on my hand, the sheen looked really lovely. Not too glittery but not a plain old clear gloss either. Speaking of gloss, Yadah also had lip glosses in squeezy tubes as well as tinted lip balms in pots! Both look promising.

IMG_2975Here’s a (blurry) photo of Rose Pink

Behind/under it is one of the make up pouches. The pencils are not twist-up ones so you’ll need a medium sized sharpener for these. Again, they go for 195Php at Beauty Bar. Not bad!

Have you seen Yadah or tried anything from the brand? Do share! :)

P.S. Wrote this on my phone and took the photos with my phone as well so formatting might be weird! Will check on the laptop when I can. Was just itching to write! Hehe. Have a great weekend, guys!

5 responses to Yadah!

  1. Gotta love that urge to share something exciting. :D Good luck on your exam! Can’t wait to read more of your posts. :D

  2. a.pam

    Cant wait for your posts! I’ve been checking your blog every single day. Lol. Goodluck!

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