Updates, updates, updates!

I know that publishing a beauty blog post without any photo whatsoever is ill-advised, but I’ve a lot of talking to do and no stock photos to really match what I want to talk about. Lol. So bear with me for this post and read on only if you’re interested in some quick updates about (1) my skin, (2) the makeup no-buy one-month mark, (3) my September favourites (or lack thereof) and (4) what ever happened to the hunt for an eye cream. Reviews and other photo-ful posts will follow. :) Here we go!

1. The Combination Skin Situation

I’m pretty much used to having combination skin by now, although I still hate that my skin subjected me to this change. Haha. I actually miss having dry skin because it is just so much easier to nourish dry skin than it is to control excess oil. But hey, no use whining about what you can’t change! I’ve just been focusing on regulating the oil production by moisturizing my face enough but not too much. I’m still very happy with the skincare regimen I adopted after seeing a dermatologist. Leaning how to control my oily T-zone with the help of makeup has actually been interesting and maybe even a little bit fun. Here are a few things I’ve been doing that I find to be helpful:

  • Working in my base (be it a CC cream or a foundation) really well and in very thin layers. I tend to use my fingers with CC creams and a buffing brush for foundations. Using thin layers is key!
  • Setting my base with my Clinique Stay Matte translucent powder. Still really loving that stuff.
  • Using a Clean & Clear blotting sheet right after doing my face in the morning. Patting one all over my face right after finishing just makes sense because it absorbs all of the extra oils right away. If I wait until two hours later before I blot, my makeup will have shifted a bit already no matter how gently I pat my face down. Of course I still carry the sheets in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day, but using one as a sort of preventive measure has really been working for me.
  • Using a primer when I need my makeup to last any longer than 8 hours. I’ve been using the bareMinerals Prime Time foundation primer and I like it a lot. Review to follow. ;)

It has really been just a matter of managing my skin properly. As for the pimples, I’ve had only a handful in the past month, which is really impressive considering I was under a lot of stress. They weren’t huge, cystic pimples either. Very manageable.

2. One Month of Zero Makeup Purchases 

September was the first month of my four-month makeup no-buy which I wrote about here. No beating around the bush here–it was tough. There were a couple of times when I felt close to meltdown because I realized nail polish and even lipbalms were a part of the ban . I also feel super anxious when I think about how I only have two mascaras in stock for use from now until the end of the year… and then there’s the stuff that I began to want during the ban. Among them are the Clinique Chubby Sticks for eyes, VMV Ooh-La-Lash mascara, Zoeva makeup brushes, and the Sleek Sunset palette. I haven’t made a list or anything because I get the feeling that if I do, I’ll just buy everything on there when January rolls around. Though on the flip side it may also be a good idea to keep a list so that I can track the things that I won’t want anymore at the end of all this.

This month has not been completely free of makeup acquisitions though (thank goodness). My mom came home from the US this Saturday with an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light for me. Can’t express how happy that made me! Really. It was quite sad. Haha. The product looks amazing but I’ve not tried it out just yet. It’s sitting on my desk beside me as I write… I tend to keep things out and in sight when they are new. I’ve missed doing that! Hehe.

3. “September Favourites” 

I won’t be posting a monthly favourites list for September because it’s already a week into October and also because I didn’t really wear too much makeup this month. You don’t exactly need to look like a million bucks when you’re taking an exam… neither do you when you go to the mall or to dinner, but ya know what I mean! My only concern this month was looking decent enough to be out in public. Haha!

4. Eye Cream — Do We Really Need It? Really?

I don’t know the answer to that. But while doing a little bit of research on which eye cream I should get to replace my Lancome sample, I came across a lot of material on eye creams being glorified moisturizers. That’s not something I’ve never heard before, but a review of the argument made it sound more convincing than it had originally been. Or maybe I just don’t want to spend 3k on a little tube/pot of cream? Could be a mix of both reasons and more, really. Bottom line is that I decided not to get an eye cream. Instead I’m going to try to work in my regular moisturizer a little better with some massage-like movements around the eye area. Hope it works and that I’m not passing up on something vital.

Do you have any opinions on the matter?

8 responses to Updates, updates, updates!

  1. Soleil

    Yes, I did read somewhere that eye creams are just glorified moisturizers and are just marketed differently to boost more sales and demand a much higher price. Another blogger also advised that eye creams or moisturizers should not be applied on the upper lids at night because they will seep in your eyes while you sleep and cause more puffiness in the morning. Now, isn’t that something!

    • Mariana – Author

      Interesting! Makes sense too. The skin on our eyelids is different from the rest of the face. Keeping the moisturizer to my under eyes then! Haha

  2. Rae

    I think the difference is, some facial moisturizers are not suited for the eyes, although I think the label will tell you if you should not use it near the eye area e.g. those with high concentration of retinoids, bha, and ahas.. In most eyecreams you can see a caption saying ‘safe for use around the eyes’ or something to that effect. Most eyecreams also don’t have fragrance. But many of the eyecreams I’ve come across are heavily fragranced. Currently I don’t use an eyecream. I just use my facial moisturizer. I don’t see any significant difference compared to when I was using a product specifically labeled as eyecream.

    • Mariana – Author

      That’s right! I suppose sticking to mild moisturizers is best if you’re going anywhere near the eye area with them.

    • That’s the main thing — anything you put near your eyes should be ophthamologically proven to be safe for them. No matter where you put it, upper lid, lower lid, corners only, it’s going to travel into your eyes as the day or night progresses.

      • Mariana – Author

        Eula, is Physiogel AI cream ok? :D hehe, ginawang consultation! Thanks for the input. I will definitely be extra careful with my eye area after hearing that.

  3. Abigail P

    I now believe that I do not need an eye cream because of Paula of Paula’s Choice. She said the same thing, you’re paying twice the amount of money for a moisturizer placed in an even smaller packaging. What’s safe to use on the face must be safe for the eye area too. I can’t wait for your review on the bareMinerals Prime Time primer!

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