Sneak Peek: Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir

I recently tried a sample of the reformulated Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and I loved it. I stretched out one sample sachet to about five uses (good job, me! haha) but I knew I was not going to buy the full-size because it costs 5,300.00 Php. No, I did not accidentally add one more zero to that figure. It really will set you back 5k!

ESP1Imagine my delight then (that is a funny phrase–“imagine my delight” hmm) when I saw on Khristine’s instagram that Human Heart Nature would be coming out with their own Overnight Elixir. 100% Natural, with no harmful chemicals, and Philippine-made pa! I checked HHN stalls the next day, but they can take some time to deliver stock, so I just ordered it off of the website instead !It arrived a couple of days ago in this box. Wanna see the bottle? I know you do! ;)

ESP2Ta-daaaa! Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a deep lilac colour all over. I love the frosted glass bottle and the brushed metal twist-off dropper top. This thing looks really high-end in my opinion. I paid 995.00 Php for mine because I bought it at the introductory price (you can still get it at 995!) but it will eventually be bumped up to 1,250. Still very reasonable, I think.

This isn’t a review–more like a first-impression mixed in with a sneak peek for you guys. With skincare, you need to give a product at least a few months to see any results and I wouldn’t want to jump the gun. Also, when you’re trying something new on your face, you want to go slow. I don’t ever put something on my face until I’ve patch-tested it on my neck the first night. The night after, if there hasn’t been a bad reaction, I’ll use it on my whole neck. If all is looking good, I patch-test on my cheek. And then finally, if nothing crazy has happened, I’ll put it on my face. Even then, results and even allergies can take months to show/act up. So always be extra careful with your skicare, guys!

Aside from it coming in gorgeous packaging, I can tell you that the elixir smells really lovely. It’s a little herb-y, probably because of the blend of nine oils. Speaking of those oils, they are: rosehip, sunflower seed, passion fruit seed, soybean, avocado, vitamin E, lavender oil, elemi, and rosemary oil. It does not contain mineral oil or silicone and it is 100% chemical-free. The texture of the elixir is similar to a basic syrup (the kind you use for baking) and it’s easily absorbed but does leave a residue that needs to sit for a while. HHN recommends only evening use for this product.

So far, so good! I will keep you guys updated on this. :) Do you guys use any serums/elixirs? Does this look like one that would interest you?  :)

Click here to purchase online!

Human Heart Nature does not test on animals. They are pro-poor, pro-environment, and pro-Philippines.

6 responses to Sneak Peek: Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir

  1. Rae

    Immediately checked the ingredients for Human Heart Nature’s Elixir. I always see reviews for Estee Lauder on my feed but I never bother to click it. I didn’t know that it costs that much. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Anyway, I’ve had good experience with products that are predominantly sunflower oil. I’m excited for this. Good thing I stumbled upon this post.

  2. Jo Cayabyab

    I can’t wait to see how this goes. I’ve been using Argan Oil on and off for a while. There’s nothing but good reviews about it…and I’m such a sucker for anything with good reviews! But it didn’t wow me and I didn’t get the soft, supple skin that everyone was boasting about. I was gonna try HHN’s Sunflower Oil after I finish my Argan Oil, but I would like to find out if the Elixir might be a better option (it does have nine oils!)

  3. Oh wow, that looks so good. Right now, I’m using this Korean serum but I feel like it has been giving me face bumps so I haven’t used it in a few days. My favorite one is Aesop’s Parsley Seed Serum, which is a bit pricy rin, but not as bad as the EL you mentioned. Grabe! Haha. This may be a great alternative. I’ll watch out for your review. :D

  4. Rhenelyne

    Hi…. I read all about your obsession make ups :D as is do… When ever i stumble at beauty bar the guilt of buying just ta make my skin pamper and make more blooming i tried also alot of products…. But this human nature elixer is magic….. I was looking for sunflower oil but my 4th day of coming to beautybar i end up disapointed,,, but eventualy they have some more improving than sunflower oil that they introduce me and it was overnight elixir human nature products i dnt know i just said ok let me try it… Hoping for the good result and it was…. I will keep using it… But he product that i realy like to get is the ultra peptide by orique it always has a goodfeedback its the thing that i need for my hyperpigmentation…. :(

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