A Long-Overdue Review: L’Oreal’s Lucent Magique Foundation

It’s interesting how foundation preferences can change throughout the year. This Lucent Magique foundation was my go-to and absolute fave during the summer months, and I even used it often enough to finish up a whole bottle. Yup, I’m on my second one of these! I like it that much. If I had reviewed it at the height of summer, I would have gone on a rambling rave about how amazing it is–how it makes my skin glow, enhances a tan, and wears excellently. Right now though, with the weather cooling down and my skin losing its tan, It’s still really nice but I’m not feeling it as much as I did before.
LLM2I’m thinking it may be because I don’t have a tan anymore (i.e. I’m still dark but there’s less warmth in my skin). The shade I have is G7 (golden undertone) and it’s the darkest in the range. It’s now a little too orangey on my skin, so maybe I need to try the next lighter shade, G4. I would totally go out and buy it, if not for my makeup ban. And I suppose it’s just as well, because I’ve been very happy using my Clinique CC Cream on a daily basis. I also think I may not like it as much lately because the finish of the Lucent Magique foundation really is more summery. What I look for these days is a demi-matte finish, not a glowing beach-y sheen (gorgeous in its own time and place).

But anyway, allow me to tell you a little bit about this foundation. It might not be for me at the moment, but it is probably still a great bet for people with dry skin. Here’s why:
LLM4The L’Oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing foundation (845.00 Php) creates a glow like no other foundation that I’ver ever tried before. It really does bring light and life to otherwise flat or dull skin, and when placed over a summer tan, it’s almost too gorgeous. On my combination skin, it can tend to get shiny on the T-zone after a few hours, but not in an oily looking way, which is nice. Lately though I haven’t been into that type of glow, preferring a more velvety finish instead. That said, this foundation will probably still be great on people with dry skin, because it will balance out the dryness quite well. You will still have to use a moisturizer underneath it, though.

Texture-wise, the Lucent Magique foundation is on the watery side. I use a stippling brush to apply it most of the time, but when I’m lazy I just smooth is on with my fingers and that works just fine. Using it with a brush will actually make you use up more product, and I think that’s why I had to buy another bottle so soon. It took me about 4 months to use up the first, but I didn’t mind repurchasing because it’s quite affordable.
LLM5This is a recent photo of myself wearing the foundation (you’ve seen others from this set from when I revealed my short hair). The shade really is a bit off at the moment and I only used one layer so you can kind of see some hyper-pigmentation on my forehead and chin there. It has an SPF of 24 (what a random number) though so it will help to keep any dark spots you may have from getting darker. An SPF of 24 is okay for little forays into the sun, but if you’ll be outdoors for long, you’ll need a higher protection factor. 24 is so low that I don’t even get flashback in photos when I use the foundation at night. That’s a good thing in my book! LLM3Overall, even though I’m having a bit of an off moment with this foundation, it is still the best drugstore foundation I have come across. The packaging is nice and practical, too. The glass bottle + (pretty rose gold) pump are pretty standard, but it’s better than some foundations that don’t even have pumps, making application messy and unsanitary (Revlon does that a lot). I highly recommend it to anyone who wants medium coverage with a lit-from-within type of finish.

What’s your favourite drugstore foundation? Have you tried this one? :)

6 responses to A Long-Overdue Review: L’Oreal’s Lucent Magique Foundation

  1. Rae

    I love this.

    I have it in G4. I didnt’t go out too much in the summer so there wasn’t a huge variation in my skin shade from then til now. This is my favorite tinted moisturizer (that’s not a tinted moisturizer) :P

  2. Denise

    Hi, Mariana! It didn’t work so well on me too. Might be because of its “hydrating” properties; it didn’t sit well on my rather oily skin. It could have been a drugstore HG find, save for that. :(

  3. it works perfectly on my oily skin. cover up my acne (and scar) .. i’d say in light to medium coverage. i never apply second layer, so i have no idea if its buildable. am not objected with dewyness i got after 4 hours later. but, it gives me just a lil bit breakout in the end of the day. i dont know, its just… my skin is goin on a bit crazy lately, even when not wearing this one. but i would say, its not dissapointing me at all. im 30, asian, oily skin , acne prone.

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