One Big Brush: Real Techniques Powder Brush

RTPB1The Real Techniques Powder Brush is one monster of a brush. When I first saw it, I wondered if anything of its size could actually have any sort of precision or control. I have a small face and I never really look for huge brushes to use when powdering, which is why this is one of the last RT brushes I added to my collection. Now that I have it, I don’t think I’ll ever want any other powder brush. RTPB2See how big it is?

The RT powder brush is (obviously) one of the line’s base brushes and it is simply meant to “evenly apply powders and mineral foundations.” I like to think of it as a cross between a regular powder brush and a kabuki brush. Its taklon bristles are so densely packed that it can be used for buffing, but it’s soft and broad enough to use with a light hand for a light dusting of powder. The aluminum shaft and rubberized handle are very light, but the weight of the brush is not unbalanced at all, even if the bristles are so dense. RTPB3Oooh, what density!

The size of the brush head is not a problem as I had originally feared it would be. I just don’t use this for any precision work. Lol. Just with my translucent setting powders or mineral powders. If I ever need to set under my eyes carefully, I use the RT Setting Brush, which I’ll talk about another day. For everyday use, however, the powder brush does the job of setting my entire face in under a minute easily. I’ve also seen this used for applying bronzer when it is not used to contour. Great way to add warmth to the perimeter of your face.

That’s all there is to the brush, really. It’s fantastic quality at a great price and I’d rather not overcomplicate a simple tool made to do a simple job. Which is not to say that good powder brushes are easy to make and frequently come by. No. Though simple, this powder brush is expertly crafted and is an absolute diamond in comparison to other powder brushes which are just alright.

I bought my brush from CareFreeShopper (550.00Php), but you can also get Real Techniques products from KALM Cosmetics (589.00Php), who are supposed to be the official distributors in the Philippines, though I can’t independently confirm that. You are still best-off getting this from the UK or the US, but the RT brushes have developed enough of a following in the country so that they’re available easily. Be warned, though: I have seen fake Real Techniques brushes for sale locally. They don’t carry the logo but they mimic the RT design. I do not suggest you buy those brushes. If RT brushes are still on the pricey side for you, I urge you to have a look at Charm makeup brushes, which make a great alternative, instead. Charm brushes are available at, Digital Traincase, and Zalora.

4 responses to One Big Brush: Real Techniques Powder Brush

  1. Pat

    When I am a little bit more experienced in makeup (and when I have the moolah!) I’ll graduate to the RT brushes. Right now though I am happy with my Artist Studio set. :)

  2. brietaful

    I have 2 RT brushes, and this post really has me considering the powder brush :) Love them!

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