Unboxing the October BDJ Box

There’s something about having a package delivered to your doorstep that makes it feel just like Christmas. So it was Christmas in October this past Monday when the October BDJ Box* arrived and fell into my hands. I was really excited so I cut through the mailing plastic as quickly as I could and I was greeted by this pretty hot pink sleeve! BDJU1The theme of this box is Express IT: Sugar n’ Spice and it’s a Maybelline-exclusive box. There are five different boxes that were sent out this month, the themes of the other four being: Wild Thing, Runway Rock, Scene Stealer, and Queen of Extreme. I’m quite happy with Sugar n’ Spice! Seems to match my personality the best. Hehe. Now I love Maybelline mascaras so I was really hoping for one even before I opened anything. Remember, I am on a makeup ban with only two mascaras to use from now until December, so I was close to watering at the mouth at the thought of a new mascara. Hehe! Ready to see what’s inside?

BDJUxHold your horses a tiny bit longer! :) I just want to point out how nice the actual box is. I have one from some time back and I recycled the top and bottom halves into drawer organizers. You could also hold on the to box to use for wrapping presents. Even the paper inside can be re-used if you peel off the sticker carefully. I love recycling. Also, I love how that translucent sheet covers everything inside, so that you have one more layer to get through before you see what’s inside. As if I wasn’t excited enough!

BDJU2As always, you’re first greeted by info cards and stickers. The info cards contain a letter from the BDJ Box team, information on the products, and a quick tutorial on how to get the Sugar N’ Spice look. The pretty lime green and pink stickers are meant to be shared in any way you choose to share them. This month they have the phrase “Express yourself fearlessly” written on them. It’s a nice way to spread good vibes, I think! This box also has a voucher for a lip and eye make-up remover when you purchase 250Php worth of Maybelline products. BDJU3Ok, finally on to the contents! Look at that! Six full-sized makeup items and a Maybelline membership points card! And I did get a Hypercurl mascara (299.00)! Yes! Other than that, I was most excited to see the Color Sensational lipstick (399.00 Php) and an Eye Studio quad (599.00 Php) filled with shimmery pinks. Pink eyeshadow is something I love the idea of but struggle to work with, so now I have another excuse to give it a go again.
BDJU4Here’s everything laid out. I’m most apprehensive about Clear Smooth foundation (249.00 Php) and the Clear Smooth BB Stick (279.00 Php) because they might not be the right shade for me, but I will definitely try them out. Maybelline powders are what I used for the first two years of my college life, so that pastel blue green is very familiar to me. I’m also excited to try a base product in stick form. It reminds me of the Shu Uemura Nobara cream cover stick, except that this Maybelline one if actually a BB “powder in a stick” according to the info card. And lastly there is also a Baby Lips Runway Brights lipbalm (89.00 Php) in the colour Neon Rose.

The total value of this box is 1,974.00 Php, but you only pay 580.00 Php per month for the subscription (less if you sign up for 3 or 6 month subscriptions). I think that is a pretty darn awesome deal and it’s such a great way to try new products, including ones that you might never have picked out for yourself. From reading other blogs and seeing other BDJ Boxes from the past, I would say that BDJ is the frontrunner among other subscription services in the Philippines. They seem to partner with the best brands for the themed boxes (Shiseido a few months back!) and they’re ace at curating the mixed-brand boxes. BDJU5Here’s a peek at the lipstick that came with my box. I loved the colour (Pink Me Up) which is a muted light pink with a hint of beige in it. It will work perfectly for a mod look. I’ve tried a couple of Maybelline lippies in the past and I have always bought them because of the colour. One was a bright coral and the other was a deep wine shade. Both were a bit drying, but I worked with them precisely because I loved the colours so much. I’m hoping this won’t be as drying, but I’m in love with the colour already.

That’s it for this unboxing! If you subscribe to BDJ Box, let me know what box you got or link me to your own unboxing post. ;) If you’d like to subscribe, click here.

And thanks to the BDJ Team for making it feel like Christmas in October! :)

* This item was sent to me free of charge, but rest assured that all opinions are honest and are my own.  

2 responses to Unboxing the October BDJ Box

  1. Great post! I got the Femme Fatale box. I really wanted the box which has the Rocket mascara because I haven’t tried that specific mascara yet. But I got the one with the Stiletto mascara. :)

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