Review: The Balm’s Cabana Boy Blush

TBCB1The Balm Cabana Boy blush (850.00 Php at BeautyBar) is a “muted raspberry pink with a subtle golden sheen.” Description taken from Temptalia because if it were up to me, I would have called this a “sour purple.” Haha! Regardless of the description, I love the colour! There are definitely plummy undertones in this blush and I’m all for plum!

Now this is a fairly recent acquisition for me. I actually purchased the new INSTAIN blushes before this. In the process of testing those out, I thought wow, how can I review theBalm’s newest blush formula without having tried even one of their regular ones? So this is a fairly amusing story: I went to beauty bar with Frat Boy in mind, but I walked out with Cabana Boy thinking that I had purchased Frat Boy. No, there wasn’t a mistake in which blush they placed in my shopping bag or anything. I just went into some trance-like auto pilot mode and picked what I picked simply because my eyes were drawn to it. When I got home and looked at what I had, I was still calling it Frat Boy in my mind. I only realized what had happened when I started looking at the packaging design. Talk about sabaw. Haha

Anyway, I don’t regret the purchase at all! I will have to go and get Frat Boy one day though, since it’s supposed to be one of those mysteriously universally flattering shades. But back to Cabana Boy!
TBCB2I love theBalm packaging. Not just the design but the material, too. You would think that cardboard could feel cheap. This certainly doesn’t. Inside the tropical-themed cardboard casing, the blush sits snugly. The magnetic closure is pretty strong, so you don’t have to worry about the powder becoming damaged easily. It’s also a dream to travel with theBalm products packaged in cardboard. They are so lightweight and pretty much all come in regular shapes!

The blush itself has a beautiful texture. It’s soft and really easy to pick up with a brush, so use the lightest hand you can. The pigmentation is strong, with the blush fading between the 6th and 8th hours of wear, depending on how you’ve primed your face and how much product you applied initially. With little golden flecks running through, it is not a matte blush. This will leave you with a sun-kissed sheen that isn’t red and painful looking.

TBCB4Here’s Cabana Boy blended out on the left and swatched heavily on the right. It tends to look darker/deeper on my cheeks, whereas here it really is a raspberry pink. I suppose it’s the way it interacts with the skin on my face.

I am very impressed with this blush formula and at 850.00Php for 8.5 grams of strongly pigmented product, it is an absolute steal. Highly recommended! TBCB3theBalm is a kick-ass, cruelty-free brand that is available at Beauty Bar branches nationwide. I’m not very sure and I’m lazy to check, but it’s probably the brand that I’ve reviewed and mentioned the most on this blog. And this isn’t the end, of course! ;)

5 responses to Review: The Balm’s Cabana Boy Blush

  1. Jo Cayabyab

    Can’t wait for your review on Frat Boy! Still torn about which theBalm blush to get. I’m a little scared to get the Instain blushes because some reviews say that one needs to get used to applying them because they’re crazy pigmented. I want something that’s fool-proof. I was leaning towards Frat Boy because it’s a safe color. But I will wait for your review before I purchase.

  2. Thanks for this great review! I’ve always wanted to try the Balm blushes but was not sure what to get! I think I’m gonna get Cabana Boy now after your review! Xoxo!

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