Fresh Bottle: Diptyque’s Eau Duelle

The first and only time I ever talked about fragrance on this blog was when I talked about Diptyque’s amazing Eau Duelle (edit: my bad, I wrote about Miss Dior Cherie once, long ago). Click here if you want to visit that post, where I wrote a bit about the fragrance but mostly about the process of finding it. I’m quite stubborn when it comes to personal scents. I’ve never written about another one since that (August 2012) post simply because I’ve not used another since then.

DED1I had a 100mL bottle in the old packaging and that should have lasted me through the end of this year, but now I have a new one because…DED4I dropped my old bottle and it broke. :( It was sitting near the edge of my dresser and there was a shirt draped over it (because I kind of throw things around while getting dressed–who doesn’t? hehe) so that when I pulled the shirt towards me, the bottle came along and fell to the ground. There was still about 1/4 left and I salvaged as much as I could, but these things are packaged in glass for a reason and after a while, even what I saved didn’t smell right anymore. It also happened to be a crappy time in my life when this happened (late April this year) so I was crying my eyes out. It’s silly now that I look back on it, but I did have good reason to be upset– this stuff is pricey!

I was saving up to buy a new bottle, living on sample tubes in the meantime, because when I don’t have this on, I don’t feel like myself. Saving up wasn’t going well though, as I decided to set aside money for other (more important) things. Last month I was very close to running out of my last bits of Eau Duelle and I was resigned to not having a new bottle anytime soon… and then my dad surprised me with Rustan’s Gift Certificates from a business associate that could easily cover the cost. I was ecstatic! :)

DED2Even with the GCs, it took me a while to pick up my new bottle because I promised my dad I would make it a prize for getting through final exams. The extra wait definitely made it feel even better when I finally got my hands on the new bottle!

Anyway, I “paid” 6,750.00 for a 100mL bottle of the eau de toilette. One day I hope to buy myself a bottle of the eau de parfum, which is supposed to have stronger hints of bourbon vanilla. For its part, the eau de toilette features: cardamom, elemi resin, olibanum, bergamot, pink pepper, juniper, saffron, black tea, musk, ambergris and bourbon vanilla. As I mentioned in my original post, Eau Duelle is a complex vanilla fragrance. Diptyque lists it as a “spicy” fragrance and, like all its other fragrances, it can be worn by both men and women. The unisex characteristic of Diptyque fragrances is what keeps Eau Duelle from being too sweet. The vanilla is balanced by a lot of what I would describe as “lounge-y” smells. It sometimes reminds me of men sitting in a library filled with old books and leather seats. Think gentleman’s club or something like that. Then add vanilla. I think it’s sexy!

DED3A lot of reviews of this fragrance will tell you that the sillage (lasting power or, more precisely, the trail of scent left by the wearer as they walk by) is low or weak. A few more detailed reviews are more correct (in my opinion) in saying that the low sillage is compensated for by the scent’s clinging intimately to the wearer’s skin. After applying this in the morning, you’ll definitely smell it on me as I walk by–and you’ll get the vanilla (top notes, I think?) mostly. That lasts two hours tops, so yes, sillage is sort of low. Midway through the day, the scent becomes a heavy, warm, almost sugary and alcoholic smell that sits in the air surrounding me. You need to be sitting right next to me to smell it. By the end of the day, it’s the musky part of the fragrance that lingers in my skin, though the vanilla is still in there somewhere. I really like that sitting-in-my-skin smell, which goes to show that this particular fragrance works well with my body (if that makes sense).

I’m no expert when it comes to fragrances and I’m almost not even willing to be adventurous with them. When I wear the wrong scent, I get migraines and I’m generally just in a bad mood. Haha. I am wondering if I’ll eventually grow tired of wearing one fragrance all the time, though. That hasn’t happened yet and I suppose only time will tell. I am super curious about Tom Ford’s “Tobacco Vanille” though! Sounds right up my alley!

Do you guys have a clingy relationship with any particular scent? Spill! :)

3 responses to Fresh Bottle: Diptyque’s Eau Duelle

  1. I checked this scent out and I like it a lot! I’ve been wanting to try Diptyque’s new scent though, the one with ylang ylang but dammit why are they sooo expensive! :p I currently have their Oyedo scent though and I love it! All their scents are pretty awesome.

    • Cassie

      Hi there.. i love Eu duelle also..i only have two perfume Garanium Odorata and Eu duelle. But yeah diptyque is so pricey.

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