Review: Urban Decay NAKED Skin Foundation

It’s very rare that I give an unfavorable review. Products that disappoint me usually just disappear into the back of a drawer or gather dust in some remote corner of my dresser. I really should start writing about them, though, as I myself find it useful when I read negative reviews of a product online. I don’t think it’s worth revisiting most of the products that have disappointed me (maybe just an eyeshadow duo from a certain brand I love… we’ll see), but this particular foundation is something I almost have to talk about because it’s Urban Decay and because I made considerable efforts to get my hands on it. I’ll be as objective as I can be in reviewing this, but this is unavoidably based on personal experiences and preferences. UDNS1The Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation ($39.00) is meant to give “coverage without compromise.” It comes in an impressive range of 18 different shades that cover the lightest porcelain to the darkest ebony, keeping both pink and yellow (cool and warm) undertones in mind. UD says: “Our weightless formula blurs imperfections for a flawless finish that feels invisible, but looks professionally retouched.”

So as a consumer, you can expect an airbrushed finish without that heavy foundation feel. It’s supposed to give a demi-matte (so it’s suppose to look natural) finish with a buildable coverage. Temptalia gave this foundation a rating of A… do I agree? 

UDNS2Hell no. The Naked Skin foundation is most definitely not weightless and it does not give a natural finish. Promising a weightless feel with airbrush-like coverage creates high expectations–which are not impossible to meet, either, as I’ve seen it done by Make Up For Ever. So when a brand makes an explicit claim and can’t deliver, it upsets me. I already automatically expect that a foundation in the “naked” range would be natural-looking but I wasn’t actually expecting “weightlessness” until they promised it.

UDNS3Not only can you feel the product sitting on your skin, it doesn’t look natural or airbrushed either. If anything it’s a bad airbrush job that makes your skin look like a mask. This has nothing to with color-selection either. I have shade 6.0 and it suits me perfectly. It’s the finish and feel of the product that really aren’t great.

I think I know what this is trying to be like — the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, which is also water-based and is a very similar texture when you first look at it. The difference is that you can actually work the MUFE HD foundation into the skin and it makes you look perfect without looking overdone. MUFE HD sells for approx. $42 and it’s completely worth it, whereas I feel like I wasted $39 on the Naked Skin foundation. I’m all out of my MUFE HD but it took me ages to go through even half of it, whereas my Naked Skin foundation has already lost a lot of product even if I only used it twice.

I won’t be posting a photo of myself wearing this because I didn’t take photos the two times I wore it and I can’t bring myself to put it on again… although if I get guilty enough, I will edit this post and add a photo.

UDNS5To be fair, the packaging of Naked Skin is gorgeous. The plastic looks nice and sturdy and the pump dispenses product easily. I like that Urban Decay’s whole NAKED line of products looks nice and cohesive when standing next to one another. I only have the first two eyeshadow palettes, but I have heard good things about the NAKED Basics palette and the NAKED Flushed palette.

Naked Skin doesn’t have any SPF, which would have made it a good choice for use in flash photography…
UDNS4I honestly cannot say I would recommend this, even to someone who actually wants to look like they’re wearing a mask of makeup. There are better heavy/full coverage foundations out there that don’t claim to be weightless but feel better than this one anyway. The two times I wore this foundation, I couldn’t wait to get it off. I was almost clawing at my face.

Now I remember why I don’t like giving bad reviews… it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. But I suppose it has to be done! Bear in mind that this is based on my experience of the product. For reference, I’m in my early 20s, Asian, and I have combination skin. I don’t think this would be great for oily or dry skin either though, because it’s neither moisturizing nor does it control oil.

If you’ve tried this foundation, how did you feel about it? Is anyone else on the hate boat with me? Please say yes! haha

15 responses to Review: Urban Decay NAKED Skin Foundation

  1. I’ve actually watched reviews that rave about this product. Despite misleading claims they still like it nevertheless because it’s a heavy-duty , high-coverage foundation. Have you tried using a damp sponge/brush? :)

    • Mariana – Author

      I’ve used a stippling brush but not a sponge, no. :) I still don’t like it as a heavy coverage foundation, though… there are better ones out there. But that’s me! I think I prefer cream foundations for full coverage. :)

  2. I actually really like this foundation. I’m the same age and skin type as you, and have been using it as my go to since I first purchased it. The product lasts incredibly long, as I have had mine for over a year now with it showing no signs of running out soon. I use a flat-top kabuki brush for full coverage and a large stippling brush for medium, and set with a pressed powder. I always receive a million compliments on my skin when wearing it, and unfortunately have it admit it’s because of the foundation I have on. Experiment with how you apply it. Different foundations need different tools :) I’ll do a review with photos of the foundation on to help you out

  3. Kist and Makeup

    I was given a sample of this foundation when I bought my NAKED 2 palette. My friends and I love it so much! If you don’t mind, I’d like to buy it if you won’t be using it anymore. :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Hi! :) Sorry about replying so late! I think I’ll hold on to it because I wanna give it another try when the weather shifts. Hehe :)

      • Kist and Makeup

        Thanks for Replying Mariana! Sure! :D It’s just right you give it another try! i hope you start to love too! :D

  4. thanks for the review. this stuff is sitting in my makeup drawer and I have never used it. i can look at it and can tell it photographs very badly.

  5. Amanda

    I’m not a huge fan of it either. I have dry skin and my t zone being semi oily and no matter how I apply it, it seems to stick to my dry patches. The 1.0 shade is a touch too light for me but the 2.0 is way to yellow based. I’ve only used it and handful of times and it seems to get worse with each use. On to finding another foundation for my casper skin.

  6. Melanie

    I used to use Make Up For Ever foundation then switched over to Naked. I prefer the finish of Naked. It is very lightweight and has pretty good coverage. Of course, everyone’s skin holds makeup differently I guess. I use Sigma F80 brush to apply.

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