Pretty In Pink! Maybelline Lumineyes Palette in Wine

MLE1I can’t think of the last eyeshadow palette from the drugstore that I really liked. This Maybelline Lumineyes Palette (599.00 Php) definitely falls under really like. It’s not perfect, but for less than the price of one MAC eyeshadow, you get five different shades in complementary colours . I got this particular palette in my BDJ Box, so I had no real control over the products I would receive, but boy am I glad I got the palette with pinks! MLE3I had always been curious about pink eyeshadows. I wondered if they could really be worn in a way that didn’t make one look like they had and eye infection. Professional makeup artists make it look easy, but I have also seen it done wrong so many times. By wrong I mean in an unflattering way. It’s usually because the specific shades of pink don’t flatter a certain skin tone or the finish of the shadows is off. I was also not willing to shell out 600+ for a single shadow that I wasn’t sure about… so this palette came at a great time, really.

The shades are all very shimmery, with the lightest one meant for use as a base all over the lid. I wouldn’t recommend doing that if you’re morena like me because it will just make everything go ashy. Even if you have pale skin, I’m going to warn you– the rest of the shades are already very shimmery, so think twice before applying that base! That said, all of the other colours go together beautifully. Sometimes with cheaper palettes, you can’t see much of a difference between shades. That’s not a problem with this palette, as you can probably see in the swatches above.

My fave shades are the two darkest ones which also happen to come in the smallest sections. It’s so difficult to get a brush into the smallest slot! Haha.
MLE2Here I am wearing the three darker shades from the palette, which I’ll now refer to as 1, 2, and 3, from darkest to lightest. I used 2 all over the lid, 1 in the crease, and 3 on the very center of the eyelid for more depth. There really is more depth to the look in real life, promise! The camera just takes some of that away. On other days, I also used the second-lightest shade on the inner eyes, close to my tear ducts. It’s a very shimmery look as not a single shade in the palette is matte, but sometimes it’s nice to have that sheen on the lids. I always use a primer when wearing these shadows, just to be sure!

Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, wearing pink shadow can be tricky. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t look like you’ve just had an allergic reaction to something:

1. Make sure to get rid of any redness in your skin before using reds or pinks on the eyes. The eyeshadows will just pull the redness/pinkish shades in the skin and enhance them.

2. Use a very black mascara. The deepest shade of black you can get! None of that “black brown” crap. You want your lashes to stand out against that pink background so that your eyes are defined. You can also use a very black eyeliner to do this, but the black lashes make for a nice feminine touch!

3. Line the waterline with a flesh coloured eyeliner. Again, this gets rid of any redness around the eyes that might make you look sick.

It’s really not a perfect palette because it’s not very versatile and it doesn’t wear great without a primer, but I do get compliments whenever I wear this look out. The colours are very pretty. Do you guys know of any drug store palettes that are super good? I really can’t think of any other than Wet n Wild palettes! Haha

4 responses to Pretty In Pink! Maybelline Lumineyes Palette in Wine

  1. So gorgeous! I love it! Those colors are amazing and you can create so many looks from sweet and simple to dark, smokey, and sexy in just one palette!


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