New in November: Mary Kay at Play!

Who thinks playing with makeup is fun? I do! :) And if you read this blog, chances are that you agree. I personally spent quite a bit of time at my mom’s vanity when I was a child. Smearing red lipstick and blue eyeshadow all over my face was one of my favourite pre-bedtime activities (right after staying up to watch old black and white movies on TNT).

Even now that I’m older, makeup is pretty much synonymous with fun. Of course my product placement and colour-selection have improved by leaps and bounds, but it is still such a joy to experiment with countless the looks I can create. Sure makeup can be that thing that helps you look presentable for school or work, but it can also be that transformative medium that can make you look (and feel) like a completely different person. And we’re not even talking about stage makeup or Halloween makeup yet! I think that even makeup artistry at its highest (i.e. most creative) level begins with play.

MKAP1Not everyone needs to reach a crazy-technical level of makeup artistry in our everyday lives, but it’s nice to remember the fun side of makeup, which is why I was so excited to see Mary Kay‘s new colour line: Mary Kay At Play! The line is all about fun, vibrant makeup that totally screams “teenager” (in a good way), mostly because of the packaging, but it really is perfect for girls of any age who like fun makeup. :)

The line will be available beginning November 16 through Mary Kay beauty consultants, so I thought I’d give you a preview of the Baked Eyes Trios* today. They are gorgeous. I mean, just look at that…MKAP13… puhrettyful. See more after the jump! 

MKAP7L-R: MK At Play Baked Eye Trios in Earth Bound and Ocean View

The Baked Eye Trios (499.00 pHP) are housed in a white plastic base with a clear acrylic cover. They’re easy to stack because of their shape, but I do kind of wish they came in round packaging because the shadows themselves are pressed into a dome shape. That aside, the packaging feels very sturdy and doesn’t feel or look cheap. My only other complaint is that the @ logo blocks my view of the product when I’m looking at it from above.

MKAP8And my-oh-my are these are pretty to look at. Earth Bound and Ocean View are the earthy and blue toned offers but there are also a plum trio (On the Horizon) and a silver/black trio (Tuxedo) that you can create an edgy smokey eye with. MKAP10I knew I was going to love Earth Bound the moment I set eyes on it. Particularly that shimmery gold shade! It looks like foil in the pan and it does translate that way onto the eye when used over a base and pressed on with a flat brush. The medium, kind of muddy brown works very nicely with the gold because it is so earthy. I have used the moss green shade the least from this palette, mostly because I’ve seen so many other more impressive greens. This one is a little dull and flat when applied to the lid, but not pigmented enough to be used as a liner. If the green didn’t come in this combo, I can imagine it being called “hidden treasure” or something like that. The brown and gold are just lovely! MKAP11The pigmentation on these varied. Again, the green was the least impressive. The brown shade is nice and easy to blend onto the skin with sweeping motions, while the gold needs to be pressed on firmly to get it to show up in all of its foil-y glory. Over a primer, these last a good 6-7 hours before they start to fade. Without a primer I wouldn’t push past 5 hours out of the house, hehe. I will keep working on using that green, but I don’t think it really goes with the other two shades.

All things considered, I really love Earth Bound for the brown and the gold. They’re a little different from all of the other browns and golds that I’ve seen before, and believe me– I have seen a good number of browns and golds! This sits front and center on top of my vanity everyday now. MKAP9Now on to the blue palette. I don’t have many blues in my makeup collection, so both blues in Ocean View looked very interesting to me. There’s a deep sea blue (kind of like a true blue?) and an aqua blue that reminds me of ocean parks. Then there’s the silver which reminds me of tin foil. Lol.
MKAP12This is a really gorgeous set of shades which I unfortunately will probably never use aside from that one time when I tested these out. I didn’t even wear the look out of the house because blues just look terrible on my skin, especially when they’re shiny! I did however ask my mom if she would like this trio and I know she will put them to good use, especially that deepest blue. :) See, even moms can enjoy fun makeup like this! MKAP6Again, these will be available beginning November 16 through Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. They go for 499.00 Php each. I’m really excited for the line to come out because I kind of want On the Horizon (the plum eye trio)! There are also lip glosses in the line, but more on those next time! ;)


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* These products were provided by Mary Kay for my consideration. All opinions are unbiased and are my very own. :)

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  1. I’ve been looking in magazines and I’ve noticed that a lot of cosmetic brands are playing with summer color palettes during this fall season, although it is different because mostly everything that is out has more of a deeper tone to it because of the season, they are all colors we just saw in the summer season! and I find that this new mary kay ad is featuring fun summer colors why do you think companies are taking this route?

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