What’s In My November BDJ Box!

NBDJ1I am so incredibly late to the party this month, so I can’t exactly call this an unboxing post. My box was opened quite a while back now. But just in case you still want to see what I got in my BDJ Box for November, plus some first impression talk, click on through! ;) 

NBDJ6November’s theme was “Blushing Beauty.” It’s filled with products that are supposed to make you look fresh and achieve that lit-from-within-glow. The BDJ Team made it a point to include products that moisturize and add colour to the complexion. Here’s what I got in my box: 
Of course there’s a set of six inspirational stickers. These say “Always bring your own sunshine!” I stuck one on a notebook and have given a couple a way already. I kind of didn’t feel the idea of giving away random motivational stickers at first, but it has grown on me. Helps that I like this month’s phrase. :) There’s also the ZA Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream (345.00 Php), which is an anti-aging product with trillions of collagen capsules packed into it. Yup, I said trillion. I asked my mom to try it out, so we’ll see if she gives it a thumbs up! Also included in the box are the Sofarelle intimate hygiene wash (159.75 Php) and a small tube of pure Argan oil (600.00 Php). BDJ wasn’t kidding when they said this box would give you glowing and healthy skin… in every part of your body. Lol. But really, so useful!
NBDJ4They even included a huge bath cream! This one is The Cream Factory’s Goat’s Milk and Cinnamon (699.00 Php) variant. Now I hate the taste of cinnamon but I really love the smell because it reminds me of anything and everything holiday related! It smells so nice and yummy plus it hydrates well because there’s actual goat’s milk in there. I use this with a loofa and after showering, I can feel the suppleness in my skin. On some days, I can get away with skipping on body lotion, which is great because I want that smell to linger.NBDJ3Bits of colour were also provided so that you can enhance that natural glow after pampering your skin. This Canmake Powder Cheeks blush (390.00 Php) was the one item I was most excited about in the box. The shade (PW05) is a pretty light peach that is a tad bit light on me so I can only really use it as a highlight. It’s a great texture though, so I would recommend checking it out. The brush that comes in the palette is actually nice and soft as well. Might be a little too small to use as a blush brush, but coincidentally perfect for highlighting!

NBDJ5The second makeup item in the box (both full-sized btw!) is the Revlon Colorburst Lipglosss in Rosepearl. I love Revlon lipgloss packaging. It’s always really good quality and beautifully designed. They don’t look like drugstore products at all! Quality-wise, they perform excellently as well. Rosepearl is not too sticky and not runny at all and the pigmentation is amazing. It reminds me of VMV’s lipgloss formula, which is a lot like a liquid listick. The only thing I don’t really like about it is that it is a pearl finish, which can look a little old (read: lola) on the lips. NBDJ7And the last thing I got in the box was this cologne sample of Naturelle by Yves Rocher. It’s a crisp, slightly citrusy fragrance that reminds me of those colognes for teens, but with a little more sophistication. I personally never wear anything even remotely citrus-y smelling, but I can imagine a lot of other people would like it. It’s easy and fresh. :) 

Do you think BDJ captured the month’s theme effectively? :) I personally thought it was a bit of a stretch at first, but after using the products, they do actually seem to promote a nice and natural glow. Impressive!

If you also got the November box, what was your favourite product? :) 

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