My Holiday Collection Wishlist + Beauty Chit Chat #2

Hey guys! How are you all doing? :) I’ve been super stressed at school, but I can really feel the Christmas spirit creeping up on me! The Christmas songs and decor are slightly distracting, but it’s definitely the holiday makeup collections that are always on my mind these days. What an exciting time of year to be a beauty enthusiast (lol)! I personally get most excited for Fall collections in general, but holiday collections are just so pretty, festive, and are also often a great way to snag a deal by buying makeup sets. Who doesn’t love them!

I still can’t buy any makeup until January 1 (if you’re not a regular reader,  you can read about my makeup ban here), but browsing is definitely allowed. It kills me to walk by counters, swatch products, ohh-and-aahhh over products, and not be able to pick them up, but I do have the one Christmas item that I’m allowed to pick out for myself. I haven’t seen all of the collections or studied them very well, but these are the things that have caught my eye so far.

I present to you my (incomplete) Holiday Collection Wishlist:

mac_nocturnalssilverviolet0021. MAC Nocturnals Pigment & Glitter Set in Silver and Violet (2,100Php) – Of course I have to start with something MAC. Every year I tell myself that I won’t be that interested in the MAC holiday collection, based on the promo material–but every year I fall in love with something at the counter. This set includes three pigments and two glitters. I’ve never owned a MAC pigment but I have only heard great things about them. This set includes the ever-popular Vanilla pigment as well as a pearly pink shimmer called Kitschmas. I love that– Kistchmas! Click on the photo to see a review by Temptaliamac_divinenightgroup0042. MAC Divine Night Lipstick in Private Party (1,100 Php) – Private Party is the second from the right and is the one shade in the line that Temptalia rated with an A. It was also the one that I fell in love with when I swatched it. It’s a dirty plum mauve with a satin finish. The colour is right up my alley and I am dying to get my hands on it. Again, click the link to see a full review! This goes for the rest of the items on this list, too. :)lauramercier_merlot0023. Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Merlot(1,100 Php) – Ok, so this is part of a Fall collection and it will be in the permanent range… but ugh, it’s such a beautiful deep burgundy red that I would totally wear for Christmas and New Years parties. A friend of mine has this exact shade and she reports that it doesn’t stain (fine by me) but it does wear comfortably.

Stila-Color-Outside-The-Lines-Smudge-Stick-Waterproof-Eye-Liner-Set4. Stila Colour Outside the Lines Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Set ($34) – Stila’s smudge sticks are incredible. They are, however, in a twist-up mechanism and they run out quickly, so buying them in sets makes a lot of sense. This is a set of five full sized eye liners. lauramercier_artistpalette0015. Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes for Holiday 2013 ($48) – So this palette leans toward being cool-toned, but I think it will work for me because of the purples and taupes. I’ve checked this out at a counter and the packaging is not top quality, but I just about died over the quality of the shadows. Last year’s LM holiday eye palette (see Carina’s post on that one!) was also a wishlist item, but I did not end up getting that one… maybe because this one is better suited to me? Hihi. Also, this is supposed to be “exclusive to Sephora” but you can definitely get it at LM counters in Rustan’s locally.

So that’s what’s on my wishlist for now. Do let me know what you think about my picks and feel free to share if you are also lemming after a few Christmas collection items. :) I also want to chat a bit about the soon-to-be-released Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette.
urban-decay-naked-3-shadow-paletteThe first thing I thought when I saw preview images of this product was wow, that packaging is gorgeous. The next thought I had was that the colours looked way too cool toned for me, just like the ones in the NAKED 2 palette, which I eventually gave to my mom. Upon further research however, these “rose neutrals” (as Urban Decay describes them) look like they would actually work on me. Third thought: Ugh, there goes $52 out of my pocket in favour of Urban Decay–again. 
urbandecay_nakedthree002But seriously, after reading and seeing Temptalia’s full review, Musing’s of a Muse’s swatches, Kandee J.’s review + comparison, and Temptalia’s comprehensive comparison of all three NAKED palettes, I think this stands to be the best NAKED palette yet. Am I just being swayed by all the hype? I honestly don’t believe so. This rose-toned trend that’s been popping up everywhere is gaining popularity for a reason. Those types of colours are feminine and flattering, especially when paired together right. Putting them in a palette just makes sense!

I’m not saying everyone is going to like this palette; it all boils down to personal preferences and how you use makeup. It is, however, a very strong product. How can I say that without having seen or tried it myself? Well, (1) it’s backed by Urban Decay’s reputation for superior eyeshadow formulas, (2) the NAKED line already has a strong base following, and (3) it’s got the buzz of the beauty community (bloggers and YouTubers) going already. It’s impressive how Urban Decay practically pioneered the whole nudes/neutral shade palettes trend to begin with and has stayed on top of the game ever since. The NAKED palettes set the standard and continue to be the standard because the brand continually adapts.

Needless to say, I will be getting myself one of these. Not necessarily in the near future (because of the makeup ban and the fact that UD still isn’t available here), but one day for sure.

If you have any thoughts on the NAKED 3 palette, leave me a comment! Are you a fan of rosy neutrals or are you more comfortable with your good old bronzey browns (NAKED 1) and taupes (NAKED 2)?

*All photos in this post were taken from other websites. They are not my own. Clicking on them will lead you to the original source. 

4 responses to My Holiday Collection Wishlist + Beauty Chit Chat #2

  1. The MAC pigments are really great to work with and you can be very versatile with them I love them cause I like to mix them with other things and use them as liners, lip colors, and even eyeshadow! OMg you would so love the private party I have that color and I am in love. You have me so into that laura Mercier palette I saw it in a sephora news letter and I think I might be in love! but i’m sad to here you say the packaging isn’t top quality :-( Great post I have some holiday wish list to make!

  2. I also want the Stila liners, Laura Mercier palette, and the Naked 3! :D I have so much on my wishlist which is why I’ve been avoiding buying any single one or else it might start a spree. The Naked 3 for me looks good in terms of color, they’re just so feminine and sweet haha. I just don’t know if rosy neutrals suit me though

  3. Tina

    I’m so glad I read your post because I’ve been bugging my friends abroad to get me the LM palette. It’s available naman pala in the counters and not exclusive!!! :x

    • Mariana – Author

      Oh Tina, I mean counters in the Philippines lang since we don’t have Sephora! :) in the US I think it really is a Sephora exclusive palette. :)

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