I’m a BNT Girl!


I have an exciting announcement to make today! I’m officially part of a small beauty editors group for BNT News International. Check out that badge! ;) BNT is a news website based in the UK that focuses on everything K-Pop. As a BNT Girl, I have the privilege of receiving a box of beauty goodies once a month and my mission is to tell you guys all about what’s inside.

This project launched a couple of months ago and if you follow Carina of Softly Sometimes, you’ll already know about it. There are also several other BNT Girls across Asia. :)

I’m really excited to get this going. If you want to see a little peek of the box, click though! ;) 
BNTG2Ta-daaa! I’m most excited about the 3CE lipstick and the eyebrow pen in there! You’ll hear about them this coming week. Oh and because of some problems with Customs, I’ll have to roll out the reviews in quick succession. This is actually the November box, so I have a lot of catching up to do!

Any K-Pop fans among my readers? :) Make some noise!

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