3CE Lipstick in Vamp

Hey guys! So here’s the first of the products I got in my BNT Girls box– a really vampy lipstick! :)

A little background info on the brand first: 3CE stands for “3 Concept Eyes” Cosmetics. It’s Stylenanda‘s makeup line that launched back in 2009 and to be honest–I had no clue what Sylenanda was, so I had to search that as well. Hehe! Turns out it’s this super cool Korean brand/website that reminds me a little bit of ASOS, but with a distinctly Korean edge. I loved looking through the clothes so if you’re into KPop or Korean style in general, go check it out! :)

The makeup line, 3CE, aims to create range of styles based on three basic colours: pink, beige, and orange. The whole range of products looks really great; somehow edgy and classy at the same time. I was once again reminded of another brand because of the styling–American Apparel. Their very limited range of beauty items, at least. Anyway, today I have the 3CE lipstick in Vamp* to share with you guys.3CEVThe design on the box packaging is pretty unique. It definitely caught my eye the moment I opened the box! I checked the name of the shade on the bottom before even opened the box, so I was already really excited to see that it was called “Vamp.” I’d been lusting after a few vampy reds in stores but obviously have been unable to buy them because of my makeup ban (this is the last month, btw! Yay!). 
3CEV1I was surprised to find that the lipstick packaging itself is not a rounded bullet. It’s a chunky rectangular thing that fits very snugly into the box. I’m not sure I like how large it actually is, but I really like that it doesn’t slide around when I put it down on a table, hehe. The finish on the packaging is a nice demi-matte and the logo of 3CE is pretty uhm, groovy. That triangle is all misshapen on purpose, y’all.  3CEV2The shade is absolutely gorgeous and it’s aptly named. Vamp is a muted purple with very slight hints of red in it. It’s not so purple that it’s cartoonish, but it’s also definitely not a very common plummy shade (like MAC Plumful). I imagine this would look really good on girls with pale skin. On medium skin and dark skin, it should be really easy to pull off. 3CEV3.jpgPigmentation is ace on this. It does not however leave a stain, so once it starts to rub off or fade it can look a bit patchy. Applying a gloss over top will help the colour last longer, but you will lose the demi-matte finish that the lipstick naturally has. In this photo you can see a but of patchiness already, but in person it looked absolutely fine. :) I also found it to be a bit drying after a couple of hours’ wear, so I make sure to hydrate my lips very well before using this. 3CEV4Funny, this looked perfectly even in person, but it really photographs patchy. Anyway, all the negative stuff aside, I would still wear this (and have worn it everyday since I got it) solely for the colour.
I spent so much time looking through the 3CE website. Everything was such a visual feast and I wish I could physically get my hands on the products too. It also got me thinking about the Korean way of doing brows– with less of an arch and with a light tinted gel to set. Totally going to try that out in the near future! Is there anything you guys like about Korean beauty? Spill! :)
*This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

4 responses to 3CE Lipstick in Vamp

  1. Ahhh, I knew I saw your email in the first email they sent! :D Glad to have you as part, looking forward to all your reviews. Did your box get held at customs also? That’s why it took me so long to get my box -_- Anyway, awesome review; looks good on you! :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Hehe yup! I’m a month behind because of some emails that just failed to send! And yes, had to deal with customs too. :( Haha oh well, hopefully they’ll find a way around it. :) Thanks Carinaaa!

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