Graymelin Vintage Seven Tattoo Eyebrow Pen || Review

Of all the ways to do brows, using a liquid brow pen is the only one I had never tried. Seeing the Graymelin Tattoo Eyebrow pen* actually made me nervous at first. I have thick brows to begin with and liquid brow pens are usually best for girls with sparse brows because they allow you to draw in fine lines that mimic hairs. I imagined that using something like this on my brows would make for lines that were too harsh around the edges, while in the center it would be useless. So I suppose it’s a good thing that I received this just to put my assumptions about brow pens to the test! GSTE2I love simple packaging and design. I feel like it’s so much easier to screw up than elaborate design, so I appreciate when it’s done right. This is an example of simple packaging done right (in my opinion, at least). I suggest storing products like these in a vertical position with the tip facing downward. That way, the liquid will always be at the tip. If you find that it’s too much product at the beginning, store it on its side, but towards the end of its (product) life, you’ll probably need to have it standing on its head. :)
GSTE3The brush tip of the Graymelin brow pen is nice and fine and the hairs of the brush are not too soft but not too stiff. Be very, very careful when replacing the cap on a pen like this. If you accidentally catch the hairs, they’ll never really be the same again. I’ve done this to my K Palette liquid eyeliners a couple of times and it’s just…not a good thing. Lol.
GSTE4You can get some pretty fine hair-like lines with this product, which is pivotal in creating a natural look on your brows. I also love the shade Dark Brown because it’s not a yellow-y brown but more of a grey-brown. It’s still definitely a brown, though. I tend to prefer ashy grey for my brows, but once applied, I didn’t notice too much warmth.

I applied these swatches in the afternoon and removed them by early evening, and something happened that I didn’t expect (but probably should have, based on the product’s name): this product left a stain that lasted four days on my hand. And I promise I wash my hands very often during the day. It was like a permanent shadow on that area. Such a great idea for a brow pen! Unfortunately, it didn’t stain as well on my brow area, but it definitely left a little shadow around the edges until the day after. That’s probably because my brows are so dense in the center, but I imagine this would be amazing on sparse brows!

BrowzYoL-R: Bare  brows, only the left brow is done (my right, your left), and both brows are done

Other than being able to square out the inner part of my brows and sharpen and lengthen the ends, I really didn’t do very much with the brow pen. Maybe because I was afraid of being too heavy-handed. Still, I like that I can be subtle with it and still see a bit of definition. Again, I imagine that on sparse brows this product will be a miracle worker.
GSTE1All things considered, I will definitely be using this product again. It was not as scary to use as I thought it would be and the thickness of my brows acts as a natural defense against overdoing it. Hehe! I’m just able to sharpen the edges of my brows, which is a look I do like to go for sometimes and that brow powders and pencils don’t always easily provide.

What’s your preferred medium for defining brows? :)


*This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

2 responses to Graymelin Vintage Seven Tattoo Eyebrow Pen || Review

  1. I would be way too hesitant to use a liquid eyebrow pen for fear of overdoing it. I hardly use brow products but when I do I use a twist up pencil because it’s easy to control!

  2. I’m so jealous of your natural brows. I’m don’t totally love the product but I like it enough to wear on those days that I know I wouldn’t have much time to worry and do my makeup for the coming days. I don’t like going out of the house without doing my brows because they’re quite sparse.

    I prefer brow powders or shadows coz they’re fast and easy to apply but recently I’ve also been using the Lioele Auto Eyebrow which has been getting so much hype and I quite like it. :)

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