December BDJ Box Unboxing

BDJD1December’s BDJ Box* came in a matte black totally bad-ass sleeve. It’s a Max Factor exclusive box which is nothing but awesome because I love the brand! My very first foundation was from Max Factor–I believe it was an anti-aging formula and I was the ripe-old age of 12 at the time. I know you’re thinking wth is a 12 year-old doing buying makeup at all? Well I was in a modeling class at the time and one of the lessons was how to apply makeup. We were given a checklist of items to buy and I just walked into the department store and trusted whatever any saleslady told me. Lol. It all turned out pretty well though. The foundation was amazing and the shade match was just a half shade off (pretty good–usually Pinoy SAs push shades that are much too light).

Since then I’ve also tried, tested, and loved their nail polishes and some mascaras but not too much of their other makeup items…though I’ve had my eye on their CC cream for a while now. This BDJ box didn’t weigh much, but weight can be deceiving (lol, what?). I got some awesome samples and one full-sized product in here! Read on to have a look. :)

BDJD2Since Max Factor is the “makeup of makeup artists” this box is filled with products that are meant to make you stand out like a star! :) To go with that, the motivational stickers for this month read: “Always be a first-rate beauty.” I’m really into these themes that BDJ applies to their boxes now… used to find them corny, but corny always grows on me. Hehe! There are 6 items in this box, plus one bonus item. Here’s a better look at them–
BDJD3Clockwise from upper left: Kohl Pencil in 020 Black (425 Php for 1.2g), Colour Collection Lipstick in 510 English Rose (595 Php for 3.5g), Glossfinity Nail Polish in Noisette (245 for 10ml), Creme Puff Pressed Powder (575 for 21g), Earth Spirits Eyeshadow in (445 Php for 3g), and Masterpiece Max Mascara in Black (695 Php for 7.2 ml)

I’ve tested everything here but the pressed powder because it’s very heavily scented. That makes me nervous. Everything else is incredible–especially that mascara! Also, how cute is that mini lipstick? The shade is not my favourite because it’s a satin, but I’ve been keeping in my bag just because. So cute.

BDJD4The bonus items in this box were two sample sachets of the Facefinity All Day Flawless 1-in-1 Foundation (925 Php for 30ml). Can I just say that it’s awesome that they provided two shades? Golden 75 was still a shade too light for me, but imagine if they had only provided Beige 55! Here’s a photo of me in Golden 75:

FacefinityI had to go in with a bit of brozer around the perimeter of my face to adjust the shade, but uhm hello. This foundation is amazing! The long and short of it is that I want it. I want a full-sized bottle in the proper shade. It’s been so long since I tried a good full-coverage foundation that wears comfortably and controls excess oils without being too matte. It’s on my list of things to purchase come January for sure!

That’s it for this box. I was quite pleased with it and I’m surprised at how useful each item is becoming even if they’re just sample sizes. I’ve used the mascara nearly everyday and the eyeshadow (which I’ve also got on in the photo, btw) is really lovely. The kohl pencil is an item worthy of a full-length review (which i’ll come up with in time) and the nail polish is formulated very well (as always).

Eeeeep, guys! Christmas is coming up quick! :D I’ll hopefully have a 2013 faves post up within the month. Just have to get through some backlog! Hope you all are enjoying the holidays so far. :)


*This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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