Verikos Aloe Calming Oil || Quick Look

So I’m finally on Christmas break! :) The first thing I did was take an evening off to do absolutely nothing but relax. I lit a candle, took a long, hot shower, slathered myself in yummy-smelling lotion, and I organized my room because fixing things calms me down.

I also got back to organizing my blog line-up and I realized that the Verikos Aloe Calming Oil* had yet to be featured. This is another one of the skincare products that I received in my BNT box, and I have to mention that I had a deadline for featuring all of the products which I did not exactly meet because I got my hands on the box a little late. I’m also not comfortable talking about skincare prematurely, which I’ve mentioned before. I have, however, had a chance to use this organic oil a couple of times and I think a quick look at it should be fine.
ACO1The box reads: “Aloe Calming Oil raises skin that is under stress by an outside hazardous article moistly and comfortably.” I don’t know what “raising skin” means and the rest of that sentence doesn’t help much in the way of clarifying… but I think gist of what they mean to say is: Aloe Oil soothes skin stressed by external factors by moisturizing it comfortably. I tend to find it cute when Asian brands fumble with English, but it can be a point of confusion for consumers who aren’t Korean/Chinese/Japanese. Hehe. I do wish they would hire competent translators.

I think the most impressive thing about this product is the succinct ingredients list. It only lists Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Oil), Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Argan Oil), and Tocopheryl Acetate (acetic acid + vitamin E). The box also lists some stuff not included in this organic product, such as parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, and perfume. The oil is also certified organic, so that coupled with the impressively short ingredients list actually made me feel comfortable testing this out on my face immediately, instead of patch testing on my neck first. I don’t actually recommend doing that, but we all gotta be rebels sometimes. Lol.

ACO2I already have a lot of experience with Argan oil, so when I opened this up and smelt it, it was a very familiar smell indeed. Still, the name suggests that it’s predominantly made of Aloe oil, which explains the calming effect. Most people are familiar with Aloe extract as the ingredient in soothing gels for sunburned skin. Those gels usually have an added cooling effect which is not present in this oil. As someone who has sensitive skin, I appreciate the exclusion. When I have any redness or irritation, I can’t take any sort of product with frills like added perfume or anything that could be the slightest but irritating.

I actually waited for some irritation to show up on my skin before testing this oil out. It came one day in the form of an itchy rash on my forehead (skin asthma acting up because of weather fluctuations). I applied the Aloe Calming Oil to the area at night before bed and the itchiness was definitely soothed immediately. It also seemed to help reduce the dry and flaky patches much quicker than they would normally take to disappear.
ACO3Comes packaged in a class bottle with a dropper for dispensing. The oil itself was a light yellow colour–similar to the colour of pure Argan oil, but a bit lighter.

I certainly haven’t felt the need to use this everyday and I don’t think it’s intended for every day use unless you have redness or irritation on your skin all the time. You can also use this anywhere on your body, of course, not just on your face. It’s probably alright to use as an everyday moisturizer (again, if you have perennially irritated skin), but my mind has already designated it for use on specific occasions only. That said, it performs very well on those particular occasions. :)

bntgirls-badgeThis item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.


5 responses to Verikos Aloe Calming Oil || Quick Look

  1. I loved this one. :D My girlfriend asked for it if I was done with it na. Now, after testing everything, I think it’s good for minor irritations, but not for an everyday moisturizer~

  2. The first things I did the moment I went on Christmas break was to clean things up too! Lol at our OC tendencies. :lol:

    Have you tried other facial oils/serums? They seem to be the craze lately (especially Argan oil) but I’m too scared to try them because I have pimple-prone skin. :(

    New follower here, BTW! Saw you on Carina’s Nosy Beauty feature. Hope you could follow me back at Erika’s Secret Closet! x

    • Mariana – Author

      Hi Erika! :) I’ve tried Argan Oil and I love it! But I don’t use it everyday also… just when I’m doing a home-spa kind of night. ;) Just checked out your blog and followed! Glad to find another beauty enthusiast! ;)

      • Thanks for the reply and for the follow back! I really appreciate it. Can’t wait to read more of your future posts! x

        Oh, and Merry Christmas, btw! :)

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