Christmas “Haul” 2013! :)

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year, whether you celebrate it or not. :) For me, the best part is getting to see my family all in one place. I’m pretty close to my cousins and it’s really fun to spend time with them and exchange gifts once the clock strikes 12 on Christmas day. :) This year I got most of my friends and family little leather keychains from Katre with their initials monogrammed on. I ordered all of them way back in October to minimize Christmas shopping stress. I still had to scramble for a couple of gifts, but it worked for the most part. :)

As for the gifts I receive, I usually get a lot of practical things because if I’m lucky enough to be asked, I tell my titas (aunts) what I need. For example, last year, I asked for a safe box and a hairdryer and received both of them exactly as I had specified. Other than that, all my other little presents tend to be useful things like electronics, books, organizational tools, or clothes… I guess what I’m getting at is that I don’t usually get makeup as a present. This year was different, though. I got a nice little bunch of beauty-related presents, so I thought it would be nice to do a little “haul” to share them with you guys. :)
CH3The first (and the sweetest) thing is this travel size Sigma E75 blending brush. My blockmate Maya had received it as a GWP when she made an order from Sigma once, and since she knows I run a blog she was sweet enough to give it to me. I think a girl can never have too many blending brushes, tbh. This one is pretty darn awesome, too. And since my lone MAC 217 is getting on in age, this Sigma one is turning out to be even more effective. the 2157still has a bit of an edge because it picks up and applies shadow like no other, but the Sigma blending brush is great for getting rid of harsh edges.

I also got INGLOT GCs from my friend Tori in a barkada exchange gift. I. Am. So. Excited. To. Use. These. Really! I haven’t yet visited the local INGLOT store, but I’m planning to one 2014 rolls around! 1000Php is a huge help as it will probably cover my palette plus a couple of eyeshadows. :) CH1So here are the items I can’t even believe I own right now. I did ask for the Shu Uemura and Laura Mercier palettes, but the other four items are unexpected bonuses!

So the Shu Uemura palette is the Enchanted Black Parallel Palette from the brand’s collab with Takashi Murakami. If you don’t think you’re familiar with him, you have probably seen his work on some Louis Vuitton bags. Remember that white + multicolour collection they released? Yup, that’s Murakami! I’m personally not a huge fan (like I cannot talk about him at length fo sho and I actually didn’t like that LV collab–then again, I dislike LV in general) but I am definitely into the idea/themes behind this particular collection. From the website:

6 heart princess (6HP) is Murakami‟s upcoming artwork, an animation film to be aired as TV series in 2014. 6HP is built upon “Majokko (magical princess)” concept, a unique theme that constantly appears throughout the history of Japanese animation from “Sailor Moon‟ to “Pricure” series, where a girl transforms herself into her otherself in a parallel universe between real and surreal. the story of 6HP consists of 6 good princesses against 1 evil princess (black princess). for the collaboration with shuuemura, the pink princess, a representative of 6 princesses, and the black princess has been selected as two main characters.

Of course I went with the black princess palette. ;) The Heart-Full Pink Parallel palette looks like it would be gorgeous too, though. Check out The RAEviewer’s post about that palette here! Along with the palette, I also received a lasting soft gel pencil in “black star” which I’m really excited to try out!

The Laura Mercier palette is of course the Artist’s Palette for Eyes. This palette is insane. I’ve played around with the shades a bit already and it’s just so crazy good. I already took photos and I’m expecting that I’ll be babbling on in my actual post about this palette, so I’ll restrain myself for now!

The Eyeko mascara and eyeliner duo (includes the Skinny Mini Brush Mascara and Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner) as well as the Hourglass Script precision liquid eyeliner are both from my cousins who live in the States. My cousin Amanda (if you read this ate, hello and thank you again!) is also really into makeup and she watches Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube videos all the time. Both of these products were featured in her “Favourite Mascaras and Eyeliners from 2013” video. Both Eyeko and Hourglass aren’t available in the Philippines so I’m so, so happy she chose these. :)

And the last beauty item I got is a Diptyque liquid hand soap from my cousins Brian and Alessi. It’s so luxe that I don’t know how I could possibly bring myself to use it… but I know that if I don’t, that would just be a total waste! I’m going to savor it for sure. :)

CH2This obviously is not a beauty product, but I just had to include it! After two years of begging sweetly asking my parents for it, I finally have a Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer. It’s candy apple red and just looking at it makes me feel like I’ve got the keys to a new car in my hands! Can’t wait to get in the kitchen and whip something up with this soon! :)

And that’s it for this year’s Christmas loot! :) I’m very thankful for all of these gifts and I just want to make it clear that I don’t mean to brag at all. I just get really excited. Hehe!

I’m off to the beach today but i’ll be back for New Year celebrations. :) Can you believe 2014 is just around the corner now? I sure can’t!

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  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes! I read online that it was exclusive to Sephora and I got depressed it was already out of stock online when I found out, so I went on the hunt for it at the local Laura Mercier boutique (where I thankfully found it). I guess there are perks to living in a country that imports cosmetics and other merchandise late! :lol:

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