Beach Beauty: Balesin 2013

BB7Hey guys! Just got back from a family beach trip and I thought I would share what I brought in terms of skincare + beauty products. I was never much of a beach person until I first went to Balesin with my family a year ago. It’s an island club with seven “themed” villages modelled after popular beach spots around the world. There’s Balesin Village (Philippines), Bali Village (Indonesia), Phuket Village (Thailand), Mykonos Village (Greece), St. Tropez (France), Costa del Sol Village (Spain), and Toscasa Village (Italy). My favourites have to be the Balesin and Bali, but Toscana looks very promising (still under construction). What I love about it is that there’s always something to do, even if you don’t want to get into the water–and I mean salt water… salt water is not my friend. Hehe!

BB6I didn’t take photos of each village but you can check out Balesin’s website to get a better feel of the place. We stayed at St. Tropez this time around (pictured above) and although it isn’t the best village in my opinion, it was still really beautiful. The whole resort was an incredibly ambitious project and it is executed very well, though service on the island seems to be struggling this year because more people are coming in. Last year, we practically had the whole place to ourselves! Still, it was beautiful and I can’t complain.

BB1So, what does a non-beach-person bring to the beach? Have a look: BB2First, the obvious: sunblock. I use the Ahava Mineral Suncare moisturizer (SPF 30) on my body for just walking around the island. It’s not too sticky and it adds moisture to the skin while protecting it. On my face, I use VMV’s Armada Sport (SPF 70) whether I’m going to be in the water or not. It is seriously the best sunscreen I have ever tried. I’ve never had the slightest bit of sunburn while using this. I also take the Banana Boat Ultra Protect Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 80) for use on my body when I do go into the water (pool or beach). Again, it’s a hydrating formula, which seems to be a feature I like for body sunscreen. All three of these sunscreens are very water resistant and (in my opinion) are comfortable to wear. 
BB4As for skincare and basic toiletries, I tried to keep it down to a small number of products, and I think I pretty successful! The Body Shop body butter and body wash are in a limited edition scent (Cocoa?) that I didn’t end up liking very much. Used up as much as I could and left those behind! Haha. Instead of a makeup remover, I just used the pure argan oil sample I got in a BDJ Box a while back. It also served as a moisturizer when I felt like I needed it. Another item I got in a BDJ Box that turned out to be handy was the Sofarelle feminine wash, which was a good travel size. Everything else in this photo is self-explanatory, really! BBI also took my Foreo Luna Mini with me, which needs a bit of explanation because I’ve not introduced it to you guys yet. I ordered it through my cousins from the US and it arrived with them just before Christmas, so I’ve been testing it out since then. It’s a device similar to the Clarisonic, which most people are familiar with I think. The Foreo uses T-Sonic pulsations to cleanse the skin thoroughly and features silicone bristles permanently attached to the device. That means it does not need new brush heads every three months like the Clarisonic does. It’s also completely water proof so you can use it in the shower. Travelling with this was easy and convenient! Used it with my regular VMV facial wash, which I totally failed to include in the pictures. lol. BB3Ok, now for makeup. I barely used any of it! Haha. So lesson learned: don’t bring makeup to the beach! I only used a bit of the K Palette Zero Kuma concealer, Guerlain Terracotta bronzer, and some mascara for a dinner we had at a Spanish restaurant. I think those are really all you need for beach makeup. If you want to see what I normally carry in my makeup bag, check out Carina’s Nosy Beauty post featuring yours truly

Now for a few more pictures from our trip! :) 

BB10Me and my mom by the main clubhouse at Balesin.
BB5This is the number one reason why I love Balesin: riding on the beach! We also did some yoga and water sports, but it’s activities by the sea (instead of in it…) that really make me happy!  BB8Everything looks better from atop a horse. To me, at least. :) Here I’m riding Quest down the main strip of beach on Balesin. Her canter is the stuff of dreams! 

Happy Almost New Year, guys! :)

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