Demo + Rave Review: Koh Gen Doh Aqua Foundation

And I’m back! :) Let me share one of the most annoying bits of law school with you guys– we have approximately 2 weeks of midterm exams, usually ending on a Wednesday. We do not get the rest of the week off so it’s straight back into regular class on Thursday. To make things worse, I have Saturday classes this semester. Needless to say, I am pooped. But at least I’m back on a regular schedule and I can finally get back to my ultimate de-stressing hobby: talking about makeup. ♥KGDA1When I bought the Koh Gen Doh Aqua Foundation (2,750.00 Php regular price, 1512.00 Php on sale) a couple of weeks ago I began testing it out immediately. The brand itself is Japanese and the foundation is made using a base of “the purest mineral-rich deep sea waters of Rausu, Japan.” It is a high definition product that also claims to keep skin moisturized and safe from UV rays. It promises a lot and is painfully expensive, but all the signs of it being a good foundation are already there. Made in Japan? Oh yes. Free of parabens, fragrance, and artificial colour? Ohhh yes. Reviewed and loved by  local and international beauty bloggers alike? You got it.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of it, I thought I would try something new and give you guys a little demo application and mini video review. Check it out if you are so inclined, but if you prefer to read reviews, the full review will be right below! ;)

KGDA3Typical of nearly all foundations, the KGD Aqua Foundation (recently reformulated and released as the KGD Maifanshi Aqua Foundation) offers 30ml of product. It comes in a hefty frosted glass bottle with a pump on top. It’s not a travel-friendly foundation because it is so bulky and heavy, but it does feel luxurious and it also looks very pretty atop a dressing table. Here’s a tip though: don’t pick it up by the cover! It doesn’t snap down so the bottom part will just fall away. Nearly broke my bottle, hehe!

It is a water-based foundation and the water KGD used is actually special (and this goes for all of their liquid products). It apparently comes from Rausu, Japan and is rich in minerals. My sensitive skin appreciates when products are formulated using quality ingredients, and I can definitely feel how mild this foundation is. It is also extremely lightweight and easy to blend. I use my fingers to apply this because I feel that it might get lost in a brush and that would just be a waste. Coverage-wise, you won’t get much out of it–bordering on medium if you pat it into some areas. That said, it is ideal for those who are just looking to even out their skin tone.

The KGD Aqua Foundation is also meant to be a High Definition foundation. Most people will think of the Make Up For Ever HD after hearing that phrase. I have tried MUFE HD in the past and it is amazing but in a very different way. If you have dry skin and want a little more coverage, MUFE HD is the way to go. If you have combination to oily skin, KGD is the better bet. The KGD Aqua Foundation is high definition in the sense that you can hardly see it on the skin once it’s on, but the MUFE HD Foundation will give you more coverage and is great in the harsh lights that often come along with being photographed.

KGDA2I use the shade OC-3, which is the darkest of the yellow-based shades. It’s a great match for me but it also means that anyone darker than me will have a difficult time finding a good shade match from the old KGD Aqua Foundation. Here is where I’ll start talking about the reformulation that I mentioned in parentheses above. With the reformulation and new Maifanshi Aqua Foundation also comes a change in the shade range: MaifanshiJust looking at the new range, I can kind of guess that I might be a match for shade 123, but I’ll only be sure when I can get my hands on a tester. I’m slightly irked by the change because if I do opt to repurchase this foundation, I’ll have to worry about shade-matching again. It does however seem that the range has improved slightly. Their Maifanshi Moisture Foundation still has a slightly better selection, but this takes the Aqua Foundation a step closer.

KGDA4Finally, here’s a photo of me wearing the KGD Aqua Foundation. I looove the way it looks and I honestly look forward to wearing it out. I did set everything with a translucent powder because I have combination skin, but the glow really comes from the foundation itself.

Perhaps the one negative thing I have to say about it is that it doesn’t wear very long. Five hours max without a primer. With a primer, you’ll probably get an additional two hours of wear. So if you have full days at work or school, this might not be the best for use on those days. It does, however, fade away evenly instead of breaking down into a patchy mess as some other foundations tend to do. I still love this foundation because it’s totally what I want to have on my face when I need to look my best. ;)

I may not have tried the reformulated version of this, but all comparative reviews I’ve seen only sing praises for the reformulation. I most especially trust Rae of The RAEviewer because the old formula was a long-time favourite of hers and the new formula still made it into her favourites (skip ahead to 6:31).

So the bottom line is this: it’s gorgeous. If your budget allows for a spend like this, then I absolutely think you should go for it. Here’s hoping that my budget allows for a future repurchase! Hehe

19 responses to Demo + Rave Review: Koh Gen Doh Aqua Foundation

  1. Ae

    Wow, so nice to watch and hear you! Haha.. I think the new ones already came out, I saw them WHEN I BOUGHT MY SECOND BOTTLE (when I learned it was on sale-from you!) at the Powerplant mall. Anyway, looks gor-jes on you, though I wouldn’t have thought you’re an OC3! Your eye makeup was specially pretty too-what did you use? :)

    • Mariana – Author

      I have gotten comments that I look tan when I wear this… but I like it! Haha :) I have a big fear of buying shades that are too light so I tend to go for darker options. And thank you! I’m wearing a Lorac eyeshadow– will post about it soon. :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Yes it’s so strange to edit videos because I kind of cringe at my voice… haha! Liquid foundations are probably the one thing that I will admit having too many of is just not ideal… they do go bad. :( But this one is gooooood! I have a feeling you’d like it.

      • Same, but I think I got better, lol. Have you ever had to throw a bottle out? Hee, I’ll give it a shot when I run out. :)

  2. Rachel

    Ahhh, more videos please! :-) Wish you weren’t a law student so you can update your blog more. Haha.

  3. I’ve been dreaming about getting a Koh Gen Doh foundation since i saw it on Jen of From Head To Toe’s video! :) I’m still contemplating though, just because of the price. :)

    Just found out about your blog. Please do visit mine if you have time.

  4. Love this video review. Please post more in the future. :) Looking forward to the drugstore brand you’ll be featuring next!

  5. Flower Blossom

    Mariana hi! Do you know the old shade OC3 to which new shade frombthe reformulated new Maifanshi Aqua Foundation matched? In my country it is not available to test it on my hand. Is it 123 or 143?

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