Cool Concept: Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

Ever heard of he Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara? It’s an itsy bitsy mascara meant specifically for use on the bottom lashes. The tiny wand and waterproof formula are supposed to work much better on the lower lashes and it gets loads of great reviews. I’ve never tried it myself but I have always wanted to–I just can’t seem to justify the purchase every time I have it in hand at a Clinique counter. I figured that it couldn’t be too long until drugstore brands pick up on the idea translate it into a more affordable option. Turns out I was very wrong about that as I haven’t really seen a drugstore option (have you?). Not until this Maybelline one, at least, and even then it isn’t quite close enough to be a “dupe.” Have a look anyway:

MFBE1Maybelline’s The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara features a double-ended design with one end meant for use on the upper lashes and the other on lower lashes. It’s called “Big Eyes” because applying lashings (hehe) of mascara to both upper and lower lashes makes for a doll-eyed effect. I used to do that all the time using just a regular mascara all over and it worked well enough for the most part–better if I used a waterproof formula, of course.

So why even use a separate mascara for bottom lashes if regular old mascara works fine anyway? Well, sometimes you don’t want waterproof mascara on all of your lashes (it’s a b*tch to remove), but the biggest pain is using a huge mascara wand in the lower lash area. It’s tricky and it can be a little messy. So in theory a good bottom lash mascara features a tiny wand design and a waterproof formula–precisely what Clinique offers.

MBE2Maybelline’s attempt is admirable. I don’t know if you can tell in the photo above (I think I zoomed in too much hehe) but the wand for the lower lash mascara is smightly smaller. It’s got shorter bristles, is just as long as the regular wand, and applies a waterproof formula. It’s a cool concept, really… but the bottom wand is still way too long in my opinion. I also don’t really care for the upper lash (i.e. regular) mascara, so that chops half of the convenience of the design away immediately. I want an itty bitty bottom lash mascara that I can pair with whatever regular mascara I want to, okay. That just makes better sense.

This could mean a trip to Clinique very soon. I just have to know if the Bottom Lash Mascara is worth the hype and if other mascaras with smaller wands (like the ones with little balls on the ends?) are good substitutes for that one in particular.

Anyway, just wanted to feature this mascara because I sincerely thought it was a great idea. Fell short performance-wise, but then I really do think mascaras are a matter of extra, extra personal taste–if there’s such a thing. Lol. Any thoughts on bottom lash mascara? In general or on the Clinique one. Do share. :)

2 responses to Cool Concept: Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

  1. I am also intrigued with the bottom lash mascara. I love Clinique mascaras in general, so I think the wand really makes the difference. :D

  2. I think Maybelline’s defunct Lash Discovery mascara is what you’re looking for. It’s cheap, has an itsy-bitsy brush, and has washable and waterproof options. Good news is it’s still available in the States even after they’ve stopped selling here.

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