BRTC Bubble Refining Cleanser

Some things just come your way at the best possible time. And while I seem to always be late (actually, the very last) to the party when it comes to these BNT boxes, the timing of this January box could not have been better. The other day I was thinking of how I badly needed a new gel liner and brown liquid liner, and yesterday I ran out of my cleanser then totally forgot to buy a new tube while I was out. When I got home, the January BNT box was waiting for me with all three of those things in it (among others)! Let’s start with the cleanser, since that is the very first thing I tried out.


Product Description: Botanical patent ingredients supporting sebum control and temporary pore contraction create refreshing and smooth skin through inducing contraction of enlarged pores by various reasons, balance care and elasticity increase.

The BRTC Bubble Refining Cleanser* is actually the second part of a seven-step (!!) pore tightening system. I can’t imagine having to go through so many steps. That sounds a little extreme to me, but I’m sure the individual parts work fine on their own, otherwise this would not have been sent alone. Anyway, I have one other BRTC product that BNT sent a month back and I really love it, so I was very excited to try this cleanser. As with the Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream, the packaging on this has a cool medicine-like feel. I feel like the blue and silver make it seem clean… if that makes sense.
BRTCBRC2The bottle itself is nice and simple. The plastic feels sturdy and I really do like the pump dispenser because it means I make less of a mess when I wash my face. The instructions on the box suggest 2-3 pumps for the entire face, but I found that one pump was good enough for me. You’re also supposed to let it sit on the face for a bit before lathering it up, but I went straight ahead and did the regular cleansing motions because I didn’t want to keep it on my face for too long. Now that’s not because this is a very harsh cleanser, but it did say recommended usage was 1-2 times a week only, so I figured it would be harsher than my face is used to.  BRTCBRC3When you first pump the cleanser out, it’s a murky gel. It feels very nice and cool on the skin (refreshing!) and when you start to rub it in, it bubbles almost immediately. It also has a very light smell that is neither floral nor citrusy… it’s just very fresh and (again) clean. BRTCBRC4Once you start working it into the skin, it foams up almost instantly. Foaming cleansers  tend to strip more off of the face and are consequently usually for people with oilier skin. I think it’s very important to note that this product is only meant for use once or twice a week. Any more than that and you’ll be stripping your skin down way too much. I wouldn’t have known not to use it everyday unless I read the instructions, so do take the time to read about your skincare ladies!

As for claims of tightening my pores, I do think that it delivers. This cleanser alone will only show immediate results, so if you want a long term solution, maybe the seven-step system is worth checking out. I don’t have enlarged pores but I do notice that they are bigger in the area around my nose. After washing my face with this cleanser, I did notice that the area loosed smoother without feeling tight and uncomfortable. That’s impressive!

Overall, I do really like this cleanser for what it is– a once or twice a week refresher. Based on the two products I’ve seen from BRTC, I am impressed and intrigued. Been browsing through their website and now I’m lemming after their hand cream. HeheBRTCBRC5bntgirls-badge

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BNT News Twitter Handle: @officialbntnews

*This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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