Art Deco Art Couture Lipstick Velvet: #681 Western Columbine

ADL1There are days when I just want a new lipstick. Last Thursday was one of those days and I must have turned Power Plant over in search for a good nude shade to use with some smokey eye looks. Since I didn’t have any particular nude in mind (that’s kind of rare for me because I usually do a lot of research first) it took a while before I settled on an Art Deco lipstick.

I’ve never tried anything from Art Deco before but I do love going through their display. I think they’re best known for being affordable and for offering a customizable magnetic box system. They also seem to come out with limited edition collections pretty often and the magnetic boxes are released in limited editions designs. I really don’t know why it took me so long to pick up something from the brand, but now that I have, I couldn’t be happier! 
ADL5The shade I chose is #681 Western Columbine from the Art Couture Velvet range. It’s a muted rose shade that is so me and so common in my stash that I wanted to slap myself when I finally realized it. I was choosing between this and a lighter shade that was more appropriate for pairing smokey eyes, but I just stopped thinking logically and got this one. It is a little different from anything that else that I have in the sense that it’s more opaque and it has a pretty velvet (not exactly matte but not shiny) finish.

Also check out that gorgeous logo detail on top of the bullet! ADL2Ah, the bullet itself is quite the beauty. It has a lot of weight to it and is made of high quality material (can’t quite tell if it’s plastic or a metal–pls. don’t judge haha). The cover snaps into place nice and tight when you close it so there isn’t going to be an issue with this opening inside your bag. You get 4g of product which is a full gram more than MAC lipsticks. This set me back 895.00 Php and that was a bit of a shock because I assumed it would be at least 200Php cheaper. This is shy of MAC lipstick prices by just 100Php. Still, it does have more product in it and it feels and looks expensive (in my opinion). ADL3I love it when brands stamp words/images onto lipstick! It makes everything feel just a little more special. The Art Couture lipstick also has a very familiar scent to it–it smells just like MAC lipsticks. I love that vanilla scent, but if any of you don’t like it then you know to avoid this, hehe. It doesn’t really linger though, so you only really smell it when you’re applying the product. ADL4Swatched: one swipe on the left and three on the right. The velvet finish means that there is an “ideal balance between long durability, complete opacity and satiny color quality.” It reminds me a lot of MAC’s amplified formula except that this formula doesn’t feel as heavy. It is not dry or too slippery when applied and it fades evenly over the course of five hours (without eating). ADL8Western Columbine is perfect for balancing out a daytime winged eyeliner but I wouldn’t pair it with a smokey eye because there’s still too much colour in it.

So, the verdict? I love this lipstick! The formula is amazing, the packaging is gorgeous, and the finish is exactly what I was looking for. I do wish I chose a different colour, but I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this one anyway. You can bet I’ll be checking out more Art Deco stuff in the future.

I hope you all are enjoying the long weekend! :) More makeup talk very soon!

4 responses to Art Deco Art Couture Lipstick Velvet: #681 Western Columbine

  1. That’s a good nude. I do love Artdeco’s eyeliners. I usually buy a couple when they go on sale in Beauty Bar. :)

  2. I think you did well in choosing the colour, you will use this one a lot, it’s a great one for every day looks. And it smells of vanilla? Mmmm…now I have to get one or two.

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