Graymelin Control Sharp Liner in Brown

GEL3When I reviewed the Graymelin Seven Tattoo Eyebrow Pen last month, I was very impressed and, to my surprise, it’s been a product that I reach for quite often. And so I was glad to see another Graymelin product in my BNT Box this month– a waterproof liquid eyeliner. It’s inevitable that this Control Sharp Waterproof Liner * will be tested in comparison to my favourite liquid liner ever: the K Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner, which I use in both black and brown. I was actually due to replace my brown one when this came along. Perfect timing, really.

Let’s see how it compares, shall we?
GEL4The major similarity and major difference between this Graymelin liner and the K Palette liquid liner are apparent immediately. The similarity is that they both feature long, soft brush applicators. I prefer this type of tip to felt tips because it yields a more elegant line and is also much easier to use. The major difference, on the other hand, is that the Graymelin liner is a click pen. The idea is for you to be able to control the amount of liquid dispensed onto the brush per use. Watch it fill up for the first time: GEL5It’s pretty cool, but I’ve actually always been impressed by the K Palette eyeliner’s ability to just always have the right amount of product in the brush. I get the feeling that a click pen will be a little more wasteful because one click dispenses quite a bit of product. I find ha just one click can cover my eyeliner needs for both of my eyes, but the eye I worked on first kind of got more product so I have to work on building the line up on both eyes at the same time.

The brush itself is incredibly soft and is easy enough to handle. It is slightly thicker than the K Palette eyeliner’s brush, but it’s still very easy to get a thin and precise line. I kind of feel like a painter when I use these kinds of eyeliners and I totally make like Mulan while she’s applying her makeup in the movie (don’t act like you never did that too…).
GEL6The shade “brown” is a very deep black-brown which is great because I find that lighter brown liners just look silly on me. It’s still brown enough to be less harsh than a black liner though. You can’t see it in this photo, but there are actually some tiny bits of glitter in this eyeliner. I could only really catch it when I moved my hand in the light. On my eyes, the shimmer was only perceptible when I made the line thick. GEL1It was very easy to build an opaque line with this eyeliner and it wore very well for 12 hours without any fading or cracking whatsoever. I also didn’t feel any irritation when applying it or after removal. Although it is waterproof, it was not difficult to remove using Bioderma, so I didn’t have to tug at my lids (yay!).

Overall, this is a fantastic product and I wish I could direct you to a place where you could purchase it easily. Of course if you keep up to date on the trends with BNT News, it will pop up somewhere for sure! :)

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*This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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