My Socal Shoppe Goodie: LORAC Fan Favorite Duo

LP1Early in January, Elaine of My Socal Shoppe sent me my very first taste of LORAC Cosmetics. Best-known for its Pro Palette, LORAC is one of the (many) amazing cosmetics brands that isn’t locally available. Elaine works with her partner Aiza (based in the US) to bring in goodies that everyone totally wants but just can’t get without hopping on a plane all the way to the US. They carry the most interesting stuff (which you can see on Facebook and on their Instagram page) but of course I’m most interested in the makeup! Hehe :)

Elaine was sweet enough to ask about what brands I’d be interested in seeing and I gave my input gladly! What she sent was a total surprise though and it was a great one. I have always wanted to test stuff from LORAC and this set that contains an eyeshadow (Pewter, apparently the most popular shade from the Pro Palette) and an eyeliner is the perfect way to start. So thank you times a million, Elaine!:) I’m enjoying these thoroughly. I may just want that oh-so-popular palette after this experience. Have a look-see! 
LP2This “fan favorite duo” contains, as mentioned, a sigle eyeshadow and an eyeliner. Pewter was chosen by fans as the most popular shade from the Pro Palette and LORAC added in a 3-in-1 waterproof black eyeliner pencil to make a complete look. I personally add a matte grey shade in the crease when I work with these two items.

In case you can’t see what’s on the My Socal Shoppe business card, just enlarge the photo! You’ll find easy ways to get in touch with the shop. :)

LP3Look at that sexy design! The kind that totally makes you want to rip open the packaging and just use the product right away… which I did restrain from doing, if only to take these photos first. Hehe
LP4The 3-in-1 eyeliner features a twist-up mechanism with a smudger and sharpener on the other end. Twist-up liners are very convenient but they tend to stay dull after a few uses because there’s no way to sharpen them. Not with this product! LP8On the other end of the pencil you will find a sponge tip for smudging the liner once on your eyes, but it also pops out to reveal a small plastic sharpener. So convenient! :)
LP6And now for the eyeshadow. Pewter is not a shade I would ever really pick as my personal favourite on sight, but it is surprisingly more neutral than cool-toned. Temptalia’s review of the Pro Palette describes it as a “medium-dark brown with mostly neutral undertones” and Christine noes that “the top layer seems almost cool-toned, but the undertone seems slightly golden.”LP5Buttery. That’s how I would describe this eyeshadow. I know it’s used very often in other reviews, but I don’t think I’ve said it very much (although I have an item due for review that is full of butter!).
LP7Swatched: The eyeliner doesn’t look great on my arm but on the eyes it works nicely because the goal is precisely to get a smoked out look. The eyeshadow on the other hand both swatches and wears great. I find that using it wet helps the colour show more vibrantly on the eyelids. Also, there’s no need for a primer. :)

LPeyesHere’s a simple look I did using Pewter and a matte black-brown shade. No eyeliner for this particular look. :)

Again, thanks so much, Elaine! :) You can find My Socal Shoppe through the following links:



4 responses to My Socal Shoppe Goodie: LORAC Fan Favorite Duo

  1. They look amazing, and even more amazing on you! I have been waiting to try Lorac for the longest time, I just dream about it whenever I see people using their products. And you are right about the product design, they look really pro and neat :)


    I wonder how the durable the eyeliner is. My hooded lids need budge-proof, industrial-grade junk! And honestly, this review only served to intensify my Lorac PRO obsession. Great job to whoever(?) is manipulating me to buy stuff!

  3. Jo Cayabyab

    Iana, is the eyeliner good? I’ve been searching for a smudge proof eyeliner to tightline (I am obsessed!!!) and so far no luck. The gel liner keeps on transferring to my undereye area and the pencils that I’ve tried don’t go on smoothly. I read about the Urban Decay eyeliners but I don’t want to splurge on something if I can buy a cheaper dupe.

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