My Lips Love: Brilliant Loveheart Lip Essence

BLH1The Brilliant Loveheart Lip Essence* is the third step in a three-part lip care system. Steps 1 and 2 are a dead skin remover and a gel patch respectively, and this Lip Essence that I have is an energizing balm that seals all that moisture in. Check out this review for a comprehensive look at the entire system. I’m not sure how much less effective this essence is without the first two steps, but I sure do like it even on its own!BLH2How to use it? Just like a standard lip balm. I like applying it in the morning maybe 10 minutes before my lipstick so that it sinks in well. You could also use it at night before bed… or anytime, really! Just make sure it has time to work its magic. BLH3Tube packaging in a pretty blush pink colour. I feel like I have candy in my hands when I hold this because the product tastes and smells just like gummy candies! I really love that and it only makes me look forward to using this on my lips even more. 
BLH4The essence itself is also a light pink colour. It’s not a heavy cream at all so when applied to the lips, it sinks in immediately. That’s something I’ve noticed about a lot of these Korean brand products actually–they’re all so easy to use because they’re comfortable to wear.

And, to my surprise, the essence does have a tiny bit of colour to it. Not so much that you have to be very careful when applying it, but just enough to give your lips a healthy pink glow! :) bntgirls-badge

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*This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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