Quick Look: Verikos Choc Choc Tint in Amanda Pink

CCT1The Verikos Choc Choc Tint in Amanda Pink is a neon pink lip tint that leaves a stain on the lips. I don’t really have good history with lip tints (even Benefit’s famous version), but this one is slightly different from others that I have encountered in the past.

CCT3Texture-wise, this lip tint goes on like a creamy lipgloss so it’s a familiar feeling to me. When/if you rub off the gloss layer, that’s when you’ll see the stain-like liquid tint. It’s the creamy top layer that separates this from other lip tints in my opinion. I like that you don’t have to see the harsh stain colour all the time!CCT2Amanda Pink is a crazy-bright neon pink. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I would love to wear this to a beach party once summer comes around! CCT4Swatched! Beautiful colour but again, not something I would typically reach for. I am curious about the other colours. Alene has reviewed Camila Orange and I believe there is also a red available.

What’s your fave lip tint? :)

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