So I Went Shopping

I was meant to be doing errands this past Monday (which I still did naman) when I ended up buying a few makeup bits. I also went on a swatching spree with the Revlon Matte and Lacquer balms, which are relatively new to Manila. Lookie:shopping2The lady at the Revlon stall in PCX was very patient with me that day. It was my first time to see these and I had no idea there were TEN shades from each line (bad beauty blogger, not doing your research!). Naturally, I wanted to try every single shade on my arm and it left me with these two pretty rows of swatches. :)

I was going to arrange them by shade but I was much too excited… so now I have no idea which is which except for the two that I actually bought. Hehe! I’m sure you can find proper swatches of the whole range online (Temptalia did reviews, for example). Just wanted to share the photo with you guys because it’s pretty and the whole range looks promising. The two shades I bought are on the far upper left and far lower right. They’re #145 Ingenue and#250 Standout. Srsy, leave it to me to pick the most basic shades. Lol.

shopping1And here’s everything I got on that day! Clockwise from the blush: NYX Blush in Taupe, Revlon Lacquer Balm in #145 Ingenue, Revlon Matte Balm in #250 Standout, VMV Superskin Toner 2 (new formula), and a Duo eyelash adhesive.

I had actually placed a pre-order for the NYX blush from Digital Traincase but that fell through so I picked it up from their small stall in Power Plant instead. I would have saved a bit of money by pre-ordering, but I guess paying a little extra for being able to pick it up at a mall is no big. Taupe is, of course, the shade that’s famous for being a great contour powder on fair skinned girls because there isn’t too much warmth to it. Now that I have it my fears have pretty much been confirmed–it’s much too light to be a contour powder on my skin tone. Currently trying to find other ways to use it.

The VMV Superskin Toner 2 is another interesting purchase because the formula has changed. Its main active ingredients used to be Clindamycin Phosphate and Retinoic Acid but some regulation changed and those can no longer be sold commercially and without a prescription. The “new formula” is actually what VMV sells in the US. Its active ingredients are now Monolaurin and Mandelic Acid. I’m no chemist and I’ll admit that I’m lazy to do the research, but I hope it works just the same or even better.

As for the Duo lash adhesive, I picked that up because I definitely want to wear falsies for my birthday this month. I know you can get it cheaper on some online shops, but you can find it at Rustan’s Supermarket now for a whopping 580Php. Expensive, but it was right there and I was stocking up on some baking ingredients so… why not!

I also just wanted to mention that I have been looking at Happy Skin products and I want to try the Don’t Get Mad, Get Even liquid foundation so bad, but I am 100% sure that even the darker shade is not a match for my skin. Some of you have requested a review of it but unless they come out with more shades, I’m sorry to say that I’m simply unable to review it.

That’s that for the little haul. Doing errands in a mall is dangerous, I tell you!

6 responses to So I Went Shopping

  1. I bought Provocateur and Vivacious from the Lacquer line, and the only two matte balms I really like are Standout and Sultry. Hope to see your reviews soon! :)

  2. I bought Provocateur last week and I love it. Will try a Matte Balm the next time I visit a Revlon counter. :)

  3. Malls are kryptonite. :p I was wondering why I was able to save some money in January, and it turns out it’s because I haven’t been going to the mall all month.

    I’ve been hearing tons of good things about Happy Skin. I think my Aunt splurged on P6K worth of Happy Skin haul for herself and her daughter. She said the eyeliner is very nice.

  4. I’m getting inspired with that really blue violet shade next to Standout. I want to do a Coco Rocha look but I’m afraid my skin is too warm to pull it off :(

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