Liquid Liner Showdown feat. K Palette, Hourglass, & Eyeko

Hello and sorry about the loooong-ass absence, guys! I celebrated my birthday this past weekend and I just haven’t been online too much. When I  finally checked on YouTube yesterday I had tons of new videos waiting for me! That was great, but I also missed out on a lot of blogging time. Feels good to be back though so here we go, fellow makeup junkies! :)LL1I have three black liquid liners in rotation at the moment so I thought it would be nice to compare them. I’ve been using my K Palette 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in both black and brown for over a year now, so it was really about time that I try some other options again. The Hourglass Script Precision Liner and the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner both happen to be Lisa Eldridge favourites–always a good sign. 
Ah the tips. Right after formula, the tips (or applicators, if you prefer) on liquid liners are the most important part. K Palette offers a long, soft paintbrush-like tip, while both the Hourglass and Eyeko designs feature felt tips much like what you see on marker pens. Let’s discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each one:

K Palette: I’m most comfortable using the brush tip because I get more control out of it and I can create delicate lines which I can slowly build on if I want to. I also find that the liquid flows into brush tips more evenly than into felt tips. I don’t ever feel irritated when using the brush precisely because it’s so darn soft. The one negative thing I can say about it is that the bristles can splay apart if you don’t place the tip into the cover carefully. Once that happens, it won’t ever be the same again!

Hourglass: My very first liquid eyeliner featured a felt tip only slightly larger than this one. Because of the itsy bitsy tip on the Hourglass Script pen, you can draw some very precise lines and shapes. Felt being stiffer than brush bristles, you get a different kind of control. I can’t easily get a wispy line while using this but if I wanted to do some boxy lines for an edgier look, I would pick this kind of tip for sure. The down side is that when this gets a little dry, it can skip on skin.

Eyeko: My least favourite tip simply because it is so huge. It shares the problem of skipping on the skin when too dry and has the additional negative point of being too large for precision. Maybe if I had a larger area of eyelid space to work with I would like this better.  Maybe.
LL3Here you can see the colour and finish. K Palette is the most shiny, followed by Hourglass which is a nice demi-matte black, and finally Eyeko is almost a dry-looking black. All of these claim to be long-wearing but only K Palette makes any kind of extreme claim– 24-hour wear. Let’s talk about formula, colour, and performance now:

K Palette: Watery formula. Dries down completely within 20 seconds, glides on smoothly,  wears without flaking (unless you rub it!), and is a very opaque black.

Hourglass: Moist but not watery formula. Dries down almost immediately, skips a little on application, takes a few swipes to achieve full opacity, and is defnitely not the blackest black I have seen. It does wear comfortably throughout the day and is difficult to mess up because it won’t smudge easily.

Eyeko: Feels almost like a dry marker. Difficult to apply because of the dry formula, but it does not budge once it sets (immediately, like Hourglass). Definitely opaque and definitely a true black with very little shine. Wore all day with no smudging. LL4I used a cotton round soaked in Bifesta to remove the arm swatches and you can see that Hourglass was the easiest to remove–not necessarily a bad thing because you don’t want to nearly rub your lids off every night anyway lol. The last to go was Eyeko.

All things considered, I still prefer my K Palette liquid liner. The Hourglass Script liner is a close runner-up, but as it’s not available locally (same with Eyeko) I won’t be going out of my way to get it again. I also have to mention that my skin didn’t have any negative reactions to these three products, but it’s only Hourglass Script that’s free of phthalates, sulfates and gluten. Eyeko’s liner was my least favourite because of the size of the tip and the overly dry formula, but I may have gotten an old pen and larger tips might work for other eye shapes.

What are your favourite liquid liners? Do you prefer felt tips or brush tips? :)

12 responses to Liquid Liner Showdown feat. K Palette, Hourglass, & Eyeko

  1. Pat

    Love this! I don’t use liquid liners (I’m scared of them!) but I’ll be sure to try out K-Palette’s if I do start.

  2. awesome comparison. I have yet to try these liquid liners. I’m currently using the Styli-Style 24hr liquid liner in blackest black. it’s a felt tip liner. I prefer felt tips than brush applicators since it is much easier to control, the only downside to it, is it dries rather quickly compared to brush applicators.

    btw, I’m a new follower and I also added you to my blogroll. ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  3. Great showdown. Eyeliners are my “comfort makeup” and are the easiest for me to wear. My personal fave is the Kate super sharp liner. It’s my go-to liner for when I know I’m going to get messed up! i.e. drinking or crying

  4. I think I’ll also stick with my K-Palette. I’ve been meaning to try out Eyeko but your review has changed my mind. :)

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