Cooshy! Maybelline Lip Polishes in Glam 6 & 13

It wouldn’t normally use a word like “cooshy” (as in cushion-like and in a very cutesy tone) to describe a product, but that’s the word that goes through my head every time I wear these Maybelline Lip Polishes (350.00 Php). They’re known as “Color Elixirs” in the US, but they’ve been renamed in Asia for some reason. Why companies do this is a mystery to me… I much prefer “Color Elixir” to “Lip Polish” because that name totally matches the packaging (it’s like a little vial!), but all is forgiven because when it comes down to it, these lip polishes/elixirs are little vials of some damn excellent lip gloss!MLP1From this line I chose to test out Glam 13 (rosy nude) and Glam 6 (deep plum). I tend to pick out one more wearable option and one bold option when testing out drugstore lip products  because I can afford to buy two and testing out just one wouldn’t be properly representative of the range… neither is testing just two, but it’s still better that one! Haha. I love both shades, but there’s something about Glam 6 that just makes me want to grab for it all the time!
So nice and compact! The lettering on the packaging that says “Lip POLISH” doesn’t actually stay on. Once you remove the plastic seal the lettering comes off along with it, which I don’t really mind because the shade name is found at the bottom of the tube anyway.

I love how you can clearly see the colour of the lipgloss from every angle except from directly above the product. The packaging is made of hefty plastic that feels very durable and doesn’t seem to scratch easily. For a drugstore product, it’s designed very well and it doesn’t look or feel cheap–not 350 Php cheap, at least. MLP3The paddle applicator is also pretty cool. It’s set at an angle, shaped like a diamond, and is made of angora. The bottom of the paddle picks up most of the product and the sharp end makes it easy to spread out onto the corners of the lips. The angora (wool) makes application feel incredibly soft and — yes — cooshy, too. But I do think that the lipgloss itself is the “cooshiest” part of the whole experience. MLP4Glam 13 is a MLBB shade for me and I it has officially replaced my Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Rose Sugar as my favourite MLBB lipgloss. Glam 6 is a deep plum that turns into a bright plum on my lips (almost a red-pink) because my lips pull the red out of any lip colour. Both of these shades are translucent, meaning you will be able to see some lip/skin showing through. I like that because coupled with the high-shine finish, it makes for such a fresh and juicy lip.

The Lip Polishes also wear like a dream. If you aren’t eating or drinking, the shine will just stay on until you deliberately wipe it off. It’s not drying at all and it feels (you guessed it!) cooooshy on the lips. You will have to be careful with your hair flying into the gloss and sticking or messing it up, but that’s the case with practically all lip glosses. What I love most about the Lip Polishes is the retained shine and comfortable wear. Let me say it one last time: so coOooo0oshyyy!
MLP5Here’s me in Glam 6 after a day at school. It’s rare that I get home before the sun goes down, so I took advantage of the pretty afternoon light.

Overall, I highly recommend these lip glosses. They’re affordable (but they look like luxury lippies!), easily accessible, and they come in a wide range of shades. Both Glam 13 and Glam 6 performed well, but I have heard that the lightest nude in the range is a bit of a dud. Philippine drugstores do provide testers though, so do a row of swatches on your hand or on the tips of your fingers (where the skin is most like the skin on your lips) before you choose a shade. :)

Have you guys tried these lip glosses? Thoughts? :D

Edit: Here’s a follow-up photo of me using Glam 13! :)MLPx

8 responses to Cooshy! Maybelline Lip Polishes in Glam 6 & 13

  1. Didn’t try them yet, but as soon as exams are over I am getting out of the house and buying one or two of them, I’ve seen so many pretty ones on bloggers :)

  2. The pink looks gorgeous on you! Im also loving the elixirs they have such an amazing texture :) thanks for the post! X

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