The INGLOT Palette Edit

I wrote about my first INGLOT palette in October of last year when INGLOT was just about to open its first store in Glorietta 5. I had plans to visit as early as their opening weekend, but the holidays came around, life got in the way, and I was just too busy to visit until last week. Crazy how that happens… before your know it, four full months just pass you by!

Anyhoo, I was very excited to finally visit INGLOT because between writing about my palette in October and now, I decided that I wanted to “edit” it a little bit to make the perfect nude palette. If you haven’t yet seen how my palette was originally set up, check out the old post and then come back to this. Done? Great! So, where was I? Oh right, the perfect nude palette.
IFS2Does such a mythical, mysterious creature even exist? Well, when you can make your own palette, it most certainly can. You just need to understand your skin and know your own preferences well enough. I also believe that a mix of matte shades and shimmery shades is essential to create a good balance. The palette (my palette) that you see above has three matte shades, one pearl finish, and one on the shimmery side. That’s cool with me because I personally like going all-matte on the lids with a shimmery highlight just on the inner corners of my eyes. Others (loads of people, I would think!) might prefer more shimmer.

My INGLOT palette previously had two more shimmery shades (a shimmery taupe/brown and a neutral purple). I removed those because they weren’t getting as much  love as the other three shades. To replace them I chose Matte #330 and AMC Shine #37. Let’s go over all of the shades and I’ll also explain how I use each one in creating my favourite everyday wearable looks.
IFS3Matte #330 is a lightened peach. It’s not the softest matte, but the arm swatch does not do it justice at all. I use it on the brow bone as a subtle highlight and also to blend out harsh lines when I make some heavy-handed mistakes.

Pearl #397 is a warm, peachy beige with a beautiful luminous finish that is never too frosty and is also smooth as butter. I adore this shade because I use it as an inner corner highlight almost every single day. I can also use it over the lid or on the brow bone–but I’m not into shiny brow bones, so that never happens.

AMC Shine #37 is a copper with strong pink undertones (that I did not see in the store lighting) and gold shimmer. I love it but it’s the most replaceable shade in my palette at the moment because I really did not think it would be so pink. I see myself tiring of it easily, so I may eventually pop the taupe brown that I removed back in one day (or get a totally different one). A nice neutral shimmery shade that is neither too light nor too dark is a must-have for me because shimmer adds dimension to the eyelids. This one goes all over the lid. It can work alone or it can be amped up with the addition of a matte brown in the crease and outer-v.

Matte #357 is a warm medium brown. Again, the arm swatch does not do the matte formula justice. It’s darker than my skin tone for sure, so  I run this all over my eye lid to add depth. It’s smooth and very pigmented. I can also use it as a “transition” colour to blend out other shades. It reminds me of MAC’s paintpot called groundwork, though I don’t own it (just swatched it in a store).

Matte #327 is a warm, medium-dark brown with subtle yellow undertones. This is my crease and outer-v shade as well as my lower lash line shade. I do wish it were a bit softer and more pigmened, but I still use it all the time. It’s not quite dark enough to be an eyeliner either, so it doesn’t serve a double-purpose. That’s not a huge deal to me since I use either pencil liners or liquid liners more often anyway.

And that is my personalized INGLOT nude palette! :) It’s not quite perfect, but you get the general sense of what I was going for (and continue to try to perfect). Having those five essential shades all in one palette is great because I can grab it and go if I need to, plus I don’t have to grab a ton of different single eyeshadow when I want to come up with a simple look.

So, I want to know what your idea of the perfect nude eyeshadow palette is! It doesn’t have to be anything like mine (i.e. 5 shadows with predominantly matte shades). Is there a specific type of finish, colour, or combination that spells perfection to you? Do share! :)


p.s. The INGLOT eyeshadows are 375.00 Php each and the 5-shadow Freedom System palette costs 895.00 Php. Check out INGLOT Philippines on Facebook and follow their instagram account: @inglotph. :)

6 responses to The INGLOT Palette Edit

  1. This is such a helpful post! I have been passing by the Inglot store for weeks now, but I haven’t gotten around actually entering the store in fear that the price tags would intimidate me! Haha. But P375 is such a friendly price, considering MAC eyeshadows are slight expensive. I know an online shop called Make Up Pro (they have stores you can physically visit in Makati and QC), not sure if you’re heard of that shop, but they also sell Inglot cosmetics. The prices are a tad higher, so what a big sigh of relief to know that the Inglot store sells it a couple of pesos cheaper. MUP also sells a ton of makeup brands for less.

    • Mariana – Author

      Glad I could help! Haha yes the prices really aren’t that bad! It can still add up because of the palettes, but if you can get Z Palette’s or something similar, you can save even more money ! :)

  2. Camille

    I really enjoy reading through your blog. Can you do a simple everyday eye makeup demo? :)

  3. The colours you have chosen look beautiful! Very similar to what my ideal neutral palette would look like except I would also like to have a really warm matte orange/brown shade for my crease, love those kind of shades! I have a blog to if you would like to check it out? It’s :)

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