Iana Meets Ellana

ECI(So if you didn’t know, Iana is my nickname!)

A couple of Saturdays back, I was invited to Ellana Mineral Cosmetics HQ to get acquainted with the brand. I wouldn’t say I’m a mineral makeup virgin but I’ve definitely not delved deeply into that world, so I was excited to see what the brand had to offer.

Ellana has been around since 2007 when founder Theresa Carbonell dreamed it up. The brand offers affordable, high-quality mineral makeup that’s formulated to match a wide range of skin tones and also to stand up to sticky, humid Philippine weather. Because it’s mineral makeup, you can also rest assured that Ellana’s products are all free of preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes, and fragrance.

Ellana recently repackaged their stuff and changed things up a bit with the product line up. I actually forgot that I had tried one of their products already in the past until I was at the showroom browsing their products. That was a couple of years ago and I ordered the product online, loved it, then sort of forgot about it because my makeup obsession began to snowball and I was acquiring new products at a cary-high rate. I do remember loving it, though.  So it’s great that I get to experience it a second time around after a couple of years of exposure to other brands.ECI2Everything you see in the photo above was very kindly provided to me by Ellana. When I visited their showroom, I also formed a relationship with the brand as an affiliate. That simply means that I may be using affiliate links whenever I do reviews on these products or mention them in posts. Should anyone choose to purchase Ellana products through my links, I get a small commission. I wanted to be completely transparent about this because… well, it’s my integrity on the line, tbqh, I want to make sure that readers of this blog know that my reviews will remain unbiased and honest. You are also free to visit the Ellana website on your own, without clicking on any of my links (of course).

Now I’ve been using these products a lot lately because I want to be sure about my feelings and thoughts on them before writing reviews. I will also be providing a summary of the pros and cons of each product at the end of each individual post about these babies. That’s not something I normally do because it’s not my style, but I recognize how useful summaries are when one is looking to purchase a product based on online research. Hopefully that will help you guys become better acquainted with each product before making a decision about them.

I’m quite excited to begin telling you guys about these products because they are pretty damn kick-ass and very affordable at the same time. There’s some bits that I’m finding difficult to like, but you’ll read all about that in my reviews! Keep an eye out. :)

5 responses to Iana Meets Ellana

  1. Soleil

    I’ve been an Ellana fan for 3 yrs or so. Their brush cleaner is the best and I’ve tried a lot of other brands already.

    • Mariana – Author

      Nice to hear from a long-time fan! :) I’m really enjoying everything so far. I agree that the brush cleaner is great!

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