The Perfect Corner

Hi, all! Just wanted to share this little makeover I did on one of the corners of my room. I don’t have a photo of what it used to look like, but all you need to know is that there used to be two larger chairs, the same coffee table and foot stool, plus a lamp. I used the space mostly as a reading nook (that window provides a ton of natural light ♥) but it looked a lot more like a conversation area, which would be useless in my room because no one else really goes here but me anyway.

I decided that I could maximize use of that incredible natural light source by adding a vanity table to the corner. I had always wanted one anyway, so the search was on. It took ages to find anything within my budget and just as I was about to give up, my mom’s friend offered a vanity (that she had been keeping in storage) for free. I couldn’t believe my luck! Of course, I happily accepted her offer. Here’s what the space looks like now: VanityI can now use the space for both reading and doing my makeup. I also tend to sit in that chair on the left when editing blog posts (it’s where I am now!). The vanity table itself looks a bit old school but I’m in love with it. I feel like a princess when I sit in front of the three (!!) mirrors reflecting my face. I was definitely that little girl who wanted to grow up to be a real princess (or wished I was born one), so this is a little facet of that dream come true.

Another great thing about this set-up is that I got to move my makeup out of the bathroom, where I used to store it. That’s not the ideal place because the high moisture level in bathrooms is not good for powder products. The down side to moving things to the vanity table is that it doesn’t provide a lot of storage space. My most frequently used stuff sits on top of the table, but I have loads more that don’t find enough space in the three drawers. I might add a storage unit under the table in time. We’ll see. For now, I’m just incredibly happy with how the space turned out. It’s my fave space in my room because hello– reading and makeup space combined? A place for the two activities that signal “me time” the most? To me, that’s perfection.

Do you guys separate spaces for different activities?

17 responses to The Perfect Corner

  1. Pat

    That is such a handsome vanity table! It’s also my dream to have one eventually, and I’m envisioning something like yours. And you got it for free too! :D

    • Mariana – Author

      Thanks, Pat! :) Yeah I got very lucky! I have a feeling scouring garage sales would be a good idea… just never made the time to try!

  2. gian

    You can opt to have the vanity table bleached or repainted to make it more modern looking :)

    • Mariana – Author

      Good idea! Maybe one day! For now it seems to match the finish of the rest of the wood in my room so I’m good with it… but I have toyed wit the idea of a distressed pastel finish. Hihi

  3. Good spot for a natural lighting and I like how the look of your vanity table suits the design of your carpet/rug. :)

  4. A free vanity. Wow! I don’t have a vanity so I just store my makeup inside my wardrobe closet where I have 2 drawers that perfectly house my collection. At least for now. :)

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