Ellana Mineral Cosmetics: Let’s Make It Last Makeup Primer*

LMIL1Ellana’s Let’s Make It Last Primer (450.00 Php for 30g)** is a silicone-based liquid primer that is “designed to hold your makeup and control oil all day.” This primer smooths over pores and fills fine lines with “light-diffusing minerals.” While it’s meant to prime the surface for mineral powder foundation, I’ve tested this under liquid foundations as well and it does help to extend wear in general. What is interesting about this primer is that while it controls oil, it also nourishes the skin at the same time. One of the ingredients is Argan Oil–the Moroccan liquid gold that has gained popularity over the past couple of years (for good reason). So when you use this primer, it’s working double-time for you by holding your base of the day in place and looking to the future by nourishing your skin. How awesome is that?

LMIL2The translucent, scentless gel sitting on the back of my hand… which has a mysterious mark on the lower right part. Errmm. Anyway.

I was beyond excited to get my hands on this primer because Carina had mentioned that the texture reminded her of the Hourglass primer which is not available in the Philippines and is also quite pricey. I don’t have many other primers (two others, to be exact) but Let’s Make It Last does have a similar consistency to bareMinerals’ Prime Time, except that LMIL is slightly thicker. When smoothed onto skin though, it kind of just melts down into a blanket of softness.

I recommend letting this sit on skin for at least a minute before applying powder foundation to avoid patchiness. Of course I use this most often in tandem with my Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation in Cafe Mocha (review to follow) and on my combination skin, LMIL does really help even out application. If I don’ bother to prime my face, the powder foundation will stick to dry patches on my cheeks and on my oilier T-Zone, it just won’t last as long.

LMIL3Aside from Argan Oil, there’s also Allantoin in LMIL. I had to read up on it (and you can too, on Wikipedia), but essentially the benefits are increased smoothness of skin, promoting cell proliferation and wound healing, soothing, anti-irritant, and a keratolytic effect.  It’s also fragrance and paraben free, of course!

LMIL4As for packaging, LMIL comes in a nice frosted glass bottle with a pump dispenser. I like to keep it on top of my vanity because I use it so often and it feels pretty darn luxurious for 450.00 Php. Now, let’s sum everything up!

The Good:

  • Extends foundation wear
  • Creates a smooth surface
  • Nourishes skin with added ingredients
  • Paraben and fragrance free
  • Affordable at 450.00 Php
  • Practically weightless–does not suffocate skin at all

The Bad:

  • Silicone based (really only bad if you are sensitive to silicones!)
  • You need to let it set before applying powder over top

I highly recommend this primer, wether you use mineral foundations or not. And if you don’t use mineral foundations, do give them a try. You’ll find out soon why I think they are awesome. (edit: see my review of the loose foundation here)

Check Ellana out at:

ellana.com.ph || Facebook || instagram & twitter: @ellanaminerals

Also available inside The Ramp branches at Shangri-La, Trinona, and Glorietta.

* This product was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own and remain unbiased.

** Affiliate links were used in this post.

2 responses to Ellana Mineral Cosmetics: Let’s Make It Last Makeup Primer*

  1. Pat

    Loooove this product so far. I just bought it last week and have been using it almost everyday since then! I’ve tried it also with BB creams and so far it works well with them as well. And it has skin care, san ka pa! :D

  2. I haven’t been using (actual) primers, since I’m new to the liquid foundation scene. (I started with tinted moisturizers and moved on to BBs soon after.) I’ve always just used a moisturizer w/ sunblock as a makeshift primer, but I’m in the market for one that will go well with my new liquid foundie. Might give this one a try, though I’m not sure yet where I stand with silicon.

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