Sneak Peek: March BNT Box!

So I picked up what could possibly be my last BNT Beauty Box* from customs yesterday! If you want a peek at what’s inside, click on through. ;)BNTmarchThere are five skincare items and two makeup products in the March BNT Box. Some brands, like Verikos, BRTC, and 3CE, are familiar to me now and I’m SO excited to give the items from that brand a go because I’ve only had great experiences with them! I actually used both makeup products on my face today already, hehe! The new brands also look promising– there’s a clay mask and a serum in there that I really want to test out, like, now.

So I’ll have the reviews/first impressions up for these babies as soon as possible! I’ve really come to love Korean products because of this experience. I do wish they were more readily available here… but maybe they’ll trickle in slowly! I also have a collaboration post with the other BNT girls in the works, but you’ll have to wait until April to see the output for that. :)


* This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own and remain unbiased.

One response to Sneak Peek: March BNT Box!

  1. Hi Mariana. I’m curious to know about the customs tax for shipped cosmetics. I haven’t tried having something shipped here, so I’m wondering how far it may set me back.

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