3CE Under Eye Flash in #6 African Sunset*

UEF1Somebody please make 3CE available in the Philippines. I can srsly kill an hour just going through their website, drooling over the makeup selection. Gah.

So this 3CE Under Eye Flash (12.11 USD) is the third item from the brand that I’ve been lucky enough to try, thanks to BNT News. It’s a soft pencil liner that you can use to brighten and/or add depth to your look. It’s extremely soft, pigmented, and long-lasting.

UEF5Photo grabbed from the 3CE website

There are six different shades to choose from and they all look like shades I would love to try, but I’m very happy to have gotten African Sunset! My second choice would be Romanticism, followed by Pitter Patter (pretty much just because I love the name). 

UEF3As usual, 3CE’s packaging is simple, sleek, and free of frills. The Under Eye Flash looks just like any other pencil liner, except with a little more class. Fonts and finishing are everything, really. On the back end you can see the colour of the liner, and that’s also the part that you can twist to push up the product. UEF2Yup, it’s actually a twist-up pencil! I personally love that because I really don’t like having to sharpen my soft liners. The product ends up getting stuck inside the sharpener that way and I just give up on the pencil after a while (true story–I just don’t use my NYX Slide On liners anymore). UEFswatchAfrican Sunset is a beautiful copper brown with a nice amount of shimmer to it. I already mentioned that the pencil is suuuper soft and pigmented. It’s very easy to get close to the lash line and under the eyes precisely because it’s so soft on the skin. It also does not budge once set and the colour doesn’t fade throughout the day. I was really impressed by it because I thought I had seen my fair share of excellent bronze liners and that nothing new would ever be very exciting again. Well, leave it to 3CE to prove me wrong on that! UEF6African Sunset as worn by a gorgeous Korean model. Photo grabbed from their website again! I love how Koreans do their eyebrows!
UEFeyesAnd here’s my attempt at copying the look! You can get a super quick but still interesting look with a product like the Under Eye Flash.It literally took me a minute to work with the liner, then I just focused on making my lashes as thick as possible. I kind of love it. UEF4


BNT News Website

BNT News Facebook Page

BNT News Youtube

BNT News Twitter Handle: @officialbntnews

*This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.


10 responses to 3CE Under Eye Flash in #6 African Sunset*

  1. Caffeconlatte

    These are perfect for spring-summer! It would be such a beautiful base… I believe you can’t get them in Europe either :(

  2. They look so good! Never heard of this brand before but look at this, wanna have one now. Hmm, will check if its available in the US. Thanks ^^

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