Pixi Haul + First Impressions!

And I’m back! With another haul, too! :) I posted about this Pixi purchase on my instagram account last week, but I wanted to show you some quick swatches and share my first impressions of the products. I’ve known of Pixi for a long time but I was always of the impression that their products were nothing special. They were also not available in the Philippines until recently, when Glamourbox started carrying them on their online store (in the US, Pixi can be found in Target). Then people started talking– and what was interesting to me was that it wasn’t only beauty bloggers, but my friends and other “regular” (i.e. not beauty-obsessed) people who were doing the raving (mostly about the Tinted Brilliance Balms).

PH1I also had no experience with Glamourbox, be it through their subscription box service or their store, so I didn’t exactly jump at the opportunity to buy anything, but I did start browsing. A few days later, after saturating my mind with images of Pixi’s pretty vintage green packaging and coupled with final exams stress, I caved and placed this order. PH5The very first item to find its way to my cart was this Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Copper Peach (620.00 Php). The colour selection looked lovely in the photos and I found a promising review online, so at 620 Php for six shadows, I thought it was an absolute steal. While it is a decent palette, the shadows didn’t turn out to be quite as pigmented as expected. Still, the shimmers make for lovely washes of colour on the lids, and that matte chocolate brown is unique in my collection. I also love the combination of copper and peach shades–perfect for a bronzed up summer look! It’s not the perfect palette because the pigmentation is so-so and the packaging is also a little flimsy, but the shadows don’t crease and are not powdery. I’m finding it hard to complain because in spite of the minor drawbacks, I’ve reached for this very often these past few days!

PH6This is the lip crayon that’s got people talking– the Tinted Brilliance Balm (790.00 Php). There are 9 shades available on Glamourbox and I made it a point to pick one of the brighter shades because I always play it safe and it’s summer anyway. So what you see above is Pretty Pink, which is described as a “summer pink.” I can only ever pull off pinks like this when I have a good tan, so I’ve been wearing a lot of bronzer lately and I’m liking it. Of course nothing beats a real glow from hitting the beach…i’ll get that soon enough, hopefully!

The Brilliance Balms are less pigmented than the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains and not all shades from the Pixi range are staining. They offer a good amount of pigment but are not opaque (and aren’t meant to be) and the finish is nice and glossy. They also moisturize decently and have a very slight minty scent to them. I’m liking the formula but I have actually ordered a second shade because this pink is not something I would reach for once summer is over. 
PH7The Pixi Natural Brow Duo (890.00 Php) was the third and last item in my order. I needed a third item to make my order worth more than 2000Php so I could get a free lip balm (HEHE) so this was what I chose. It features a twist-up brow pencil on one end (shaped like my Shu Hard 9!) and a brow gel on the other. Surprisingly, this is my absolute fave of the three products I chose. The brow gel is incredible as it holds my brows in place but doesn’t leave a shiny finish or become crusty and hard. I’ve used it everyday since I got it and I would buy the product again just for the gel. The pencil is good as well, but it’s the gel that makes the product!

PH2And finally here is the Shea Butter Lip Balm (420.00 Php) that I got as a freebie! I did not have a say in what shade they gave me, but I’m sooo glad that whoever chucked this into my bag chose Natural Rose! There are five other shades to choose from, including a basic sheer lip balm. PH3The cap of each lip balm is colour coordinated with the shade inside while the base is Pixi’s usual vintage green. Old rose + vintage green happens to be one of my favourite colour combinations of all time, so I kinda love to stare at this lipbalm. It’s not just pretty in the packaging though–it moisturizes really well and offers quite a bit of colour for a lipbalm. It’s the easiest way to add a hint of colour to the lips while nourishing them at the same time. I think I want several of these so I can have one in every bag– Natural Rose is the perfect MLBBB colour for me pa! I love it more than I can express, gah.

So there you have it! My first experiences with Pixi have been good and, as I mentioned, I’ve already placed a second order for more products. If you’re looking to get anything, I highly recommend the lip balm and the brow duo. The Brilliance Balms are still on the pricey end for what they are, but they are decent and enjoyable to use. The eyeshadows were the most disappointing, but strangely enough I would still recommend them–just know not to expect highly pigmented shadows, but washes of colour instead.

Have you guys tried any Pixi products? What did you like/not like? :)

Again, these are available at Glamourbox’s online store! :)

15 responses to Pixi Haul + First Impressions!

  1. Pat

    OMG! I am recently just waffling between getting the Pixi promo or not, and this is the exact same order sitting in my shopping cart! Thanks for the first impressions, it helps me solidify my order! :D

      • Mariana – Author

        Oh noooo! Hopefully they restock it! What did you end up getting na instead? :)

      • Pat

        I got two brilliance balms (one to give to a friend) and the eyeshadow palette. I was planning to get the brow duo instead of the palettes as I already have lots of palettes haha! I don’t really regret the purchase actually!

    • Mariana – Author

      Yeah! Heard so much about that. Even abroad it’s always out of stock daw. Sana they bring it in!

  2. I’ve never heard of the Pixi products before… it looks like they turned out quite lovely for you! I’d definitely be glad they tossed in the Natural Rose lip color… so pretty! xo

  3. Everything looks so pretty! *____* The packaging is gorgeous and I’m in love with the lip crayon shade!

  4. Super love the Eyebrow Duo too!!!! As in Im a fan I’m already thinking of buying a backup haha. Love their highlighter too!! Your haul reminded me to finally put up my reviews on these hihi. Eyeing on more brilliant balms if they restock some of the shades that are sold out na!

  5. I have the eyeshadow & Brilliance Balm and they’re ok – the eyeshadows look amazing but they’re all so shimmery/sheen-y I find it hard to come up with looks for them so I haven’t used that one much at all. You should try Pixi’s Glow Tonic – that’s like a cult product of theirs, a cleanser and mild exfoliator in one!

  6. Bea

    That brow duo looks like everything — sayang it’s already sold out! The palette looks beautiful but wish there are more in terms of pigmentation!

  7. Love the packaging of your free lip balm too! Pixi is also available at selected Snoe beauty locations. i’ve seen it once at Sm North. :)

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