Oops (?) I Did It Again: Pixi Haul #2

Pixi1That’s right–I placed another order for Pixi products. Hehe! And since I did so in March, I got another free Shea Butter Lip Balm! :) The first time I placed an order I blamed it on final exams stress and curiosity. This time around there isn’t an excuse… I just wanted more! I do feel kind of bad because I’ll be going to the US in May and I can get Pixi stuff at Target while I’m there, but most of this stuff is great for summer use… and there I go making excuses! Basta here’s what I got:
Pixi2Pixi Flawless Beauty Powder in no.3 Warm (1,350.00 Php) –  Haven’t had a chance to use this yet but the reviews online were promising. I think the packaging is adorable (albeit a bit chunky) and I have never seen a drawer compartment in a compact before. It’s cool but takes up a lot of space and I hardly ever use sponges to apply powder. The product itself has teeny tiny bits of shimmer in it and I wish the “warm” shade were just a bit warmer. I’m at the point in the year where one of my bronzers can be a pressed powder for me, so this is a little light. Still excited about it though! Pixi3Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Rosy Red (790.00 Php) – This red is very, very pretty. It has a pink base (hence “rosy” red) and it’s nice and glossy but not too sheer. I detest sheer reds. For example f a lip balm is tinted red, I will either not use it or just give it away. Sheer reds just make me look blotchy, so I’m glad this balm is pigmented enough to not fall under the “sheer” category. It really does become quite opaque, while still being very comfortable on the lips and easy to apply. I wore this all day yesterday without need of another lip balm and touching up was a breeze! This and Pretty Pink (from previous haul) are coming with me to Boracay for nights out! Pixi4Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Coral Crush (420.00 Php but free for me!) – YES, they gave me a summery colour! Funny, I kind of liked not knowing which shade of this I was going to get. I was sort of hoping for Honey Nectar, but Coral Crush is just perfect for this time of year. It is a little bit patchy and there’s a slight red undertone to it… but I’m currently wearing it under another coral lipstick, so the patchiness isn’t a problem. I don’t know if I would wear this on its own because of the red undertone, but I’m liking the overkill of using a coral balm under a coral lippie, hihi. Pixi5Aaand can someone please tell me why these Brilliance Balms are packaged differently? Is one in the new packaging and the other in the old packaging? I quite prefer the look of the rubbery matte finish on Pretty Pink, but the packaging for Rosy Red feels sturdier. Let me know if you guys have come across these different types of packaging!

You can find Pixi on Glamourbox. :) A lot of people seem to be talking about the brand! Good job to the girls who brought it in! I’m loving it for sure!

2 responses to Oops (?) I Did It Again: Pixi Haul #2

  1. Pat

    Wooo awesome shade of the freebie! I am currently ~loving~ the lip balm I got and I want more! I am also waiting for more shades of the brilliance balm (I think I want the purple).

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