Where Is Pore? Caolin Face Mask *

WIP1Where is PORE? I do feel like I have to say that in a certain (highly excited, exaggerated) way whenever I see this mask, hehe! There’s even a cute little magnifying glass hovering over the word “pore” on the lower right there. The Caolion Pore Original Pack (approx. 52 USD) is a clay mask that is meant to significantly reduce the appearance of pores after just one use. It is suitable for all skin types and it “delivers moisture” even while tightening up pores. WIP2The main ingredient here is Kaolin Clay, which is present in a good number of mud masks on the market. You may have already tried something similar to this since there are loads Kaolin-based masks out there. What sets this one apart is that it feels very mild on the skin, and because there’s peppermint extract in there it is also soothing. It is not meant to crack up on skin once it dries, so it’s not one of those intense masks that leaves your skin feeling sucked dry. I actually like the squeaky clean, sucked dry feeling I get from some clay masks, but if you have sensitive skin or if you don’t like that feeling, this is a good option for you. WIP3The clay is light grey in colour and it spreads evenly over the skin. Spread it evenly all over the face (avoiding delicate skin close to the eyes) and let it work its pore-minimizing, moisturizing magic for 10-15 minutes. I recommend using masks like this once or twice a week only, depending on you skin type. WIP4Unfortunately, I had a bad allergic reaction to this mask. I got pimples on the areas I had applied it to and only to those areas. Mine seems to be an isolated case though, as I have not come across any reviews complaining of the same reaction.





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*This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.


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