Turn Up The Heat: Happy Skin Limited Edition Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies

HSL1If you haven’t heard of Happy Skin, welcome back from under your rock. I feel like their marketing is so aggressive that they’ve probably reached every Filipina even just remotely interested in makeup. You can read about their story here, but in a nutshell it’s a local makeup brand that launched sometime last year and that offers “an entire range of skin-caring makeup.” I hadn’t actually tried any of their products before this purchase, but my Instagram feed was so saturated with photos of their summer collection launch last week that I just had to have a taste of it.

HSL2To see good overviews of the summer collection and the new additions to the permanent line, check out Project Vanity and Bless My Bag. Happy Skin came out with limited edition lippies and blushes for the summer, but have also added some exciting new things to their permanent range, including a micellar water makeup remover (!!!). Based on Liz’s and Julia’s posts I decided to purchase the full set of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies (1,249.00 for the set and 549.00 individually). Funny how none of the colours from the permanent range of lipsticks ever enticed me despite the rave reviews on the formula, while all three of these summer shades looked absolutely irresistible to me. Have a look:
HSL3To begin, the packaging for the trio is adorable. I have to admit that a small reason behind my purchasing all three was to get the box, but the main reason was the idea of being able to layer these colours to get different looks. Of course you also save a bit of money by purchasing the set as opposed to getting each separately, which you are totally at liberty to do as well.
HSL4Product Description:

This lippie offers three-fold “lip service:” the shine of a gloss, the pigment of a lipstick, and hydration of a balm! Spoil yourself with Shea Butter & Collagen to keep you lips in lip lockin’ shape! 

HSL5Swatched, L-R: The Morning After, Summer Crush, and Sunset Kiss 

WOW at that pigmentation. I wasn’t quite expecting them to be that pigmented. On that front, these lipsticks really do deliver. They are, however, not as moisturizing as a balm and only Summer Crush and Sunset Kiss actually have glossy finishes. The Morning After gives more of a creamy look.

I was expecting to like The Morning After the most, but after trying all three I do think the brighter two shades are the stars of the collection. Still, I will get more use out of The Morning After purely because it’s a neutral. Here are photos of all three on my lips:

HSL7Starting off with bare lips because I don’t think I’ve ever shown you guys my bare lips, lol! They’re kind of pale and uneven coloured, plus my lips are on the thin side so they really benefit from being evened out by a lipstick.


The Morning After is a nude with a mauve tone to it. I like that it’s not your typical peach or pink based nude, but mauve can be a bit tricky when used on warmer skin tones. Deep, cool skins and lighter skin in general will work excellently with this shade. When I’m less tan this will wash me out a lot less! Of the three in this collection, it is the most comfortable to wear and I don’t have to fuss about it moving off my lips and smudging. 
Summer Crush is a much warmer pink than it appears in this photo and I love it! It’s a great summer colour because it looks great with bronzer and brings a good amount of colour to the face. This shade feels a bit heavy when I wear it and I have to moisturize really well before applying it or else it will be uncomfortable. 
I have the biggest smile on my face wearing Sunset Kiss because it’s the most perfect orange lippie I’ve ever worn! It’s not too light, not too red (though it can tend to look red in some kinds of lighting), and the finish is neither too shiny nor completely matte. I also love the name of it–this is totally the colour of an intense summer sunset. I love it! HSL6I did try to layer these lipsticks but I did not like the effect of it so I didn’t bother to photograph it. On their own, these lipsticks are pretty awesome. I think that the crazy level of pigmentation has its drawbacks though, as they tend to be less moisturizing than they claim to be. Still, getting this set is an awesome deal and I recommend you do so if all of these shades look appealing to you. If you only want to get one, choose based on the colour that best suits your personality I guess. These are all limited edition though so act fast! :)

Hope you all are enjoying summer so far!

13 responses to Turn Up The Heat: Happy Skin Limited Edition Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies

  1. I like all these three shades, ha. Same with you – I didnt like any shades in the permanent line, either. But these three… tempting! Morning After in particular. :)

  2. I really want to find a reason to try Happy Skin. Maybe that micellar makeup remover is the answer? Anyhoo, that Summer Crush shade especially suits you! :)

  3. Summer Crush looks so pretty but I don’t know how it compares to First Kiss. I may have to go to Beauty Bar and swatch them side by side.

  4. CJ

    The “orange” one looks red-orange in the picture though, and I don’t particularly like red-oranges haha. But looks great tho. Would’ve loved if they were as moisturizing as the revlon ones. :)

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