M CHLOI Hyaluronic Acid Waterdrop Cream*

HAWC1The  M CHLOI Hyaluronic Acid Waterdrop Cream* is the last product that I have to share with you from my BNT Box. It’s a moisturizer that features hyaluronic acid as the star ingredient. In skincare, hyaluronic acid is meant to prevent the effects of aging by acting as a cushion and lubricant in body tissues. It’s also used after medical procedures and can be injected into the body. As a topical cream, there isn’t hard evidence to prove its beneficial claims, but online reviews do seem to be on the good side. HAWC2The cream comes in a 150mL tub. Using it is pretty straightforward: scoop some out (a spatula was provided but is not shown here), apply to clean skin, and you’re done! HAWC3The consistency is gel-like and it is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin, so it’s great for use before applying makeup. If you have dry skin, you’ll probably need something heavier for evening use. There is no offensive scent to it and it did not irritate my skin. There are immediate soothing effects but I did not feel that the product penetrated my skin to moisturize deeply. This isn’t the product to address dehydrated skin with. HAWC4Overall it’s a nice moisturizer but it is probably not heavy duty enough for dry skinned girls. On my combination skin, it was okay but not something I would go out and look for again.



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*This item was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.



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