BNT Girls Get The Look: Girls’ Generation “Mr. Mr.” (SooYoung)

http://beautifulsonglyrics.blogspot.comTo culminate our six months of being BNT Girls, all six of us (Rini, Alene, Carina, Kine, Joanne, and me) have recreated looks from the Girls’ Generation music video for the song “Mr. Mr.” There are nine girls in the popular K Pop group and each of them wore a look that reflects at least one Korean beauty trend. It was a bit difficult for me to choose a look because I’m not too familiar with each girl, but in the end I went with Sooyoung. Inspiration Soo YoungI liked the look because it featured the ever-perfect dewy Korean skin but with the oomph of a red lip and bold eye.  Comparison2Ta-daaa!  I had fun recreating the look because I rarely ever go for a bold lip and eye combo. I think I got the overall effect down, though the camera doesn’t seem to have picked up the intensity of my red lip quite right. Still, I’m happy with the eyes and the finish of the skin. I didn’t go too brown with the brows because it’s not a look I prefer, but I did make an effort to keep the arch subtle, which is typical in Korean makeup.P1140618To achieve the look I began by using a ton of Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer, focused on the cheeks. I knew I was going to go full coverage with the foundation but I wanter my skin to look like it was glowing from within. For foundation I picked my Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Loose Powder Foundation in Cafe Mocha (review), which is the lighter of the two shades I own, because Korean skin is always pretty fair. I didn’t use a blush as I wanted the luminescence of the primer to show through and catch the light. For eyes, I kept it simple with a cream eyeshadow. MAC’s Paint Pot in Eclair (review) was the perfect bronze to use on the lid and to smudge into the lower lashline as well. To intensify the look I used a MAC 217 brush to smudge a matte black shadow from my Sleek PPQ Palette into a soft wing and then took a Lancom Kohl pencil to the entire waterline. Topped that with my Fairydrops mascara to finish the eyes. And finally on the lips, I used my Revlon Matte Balm in 250 Standout (review) with some of the Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Bellisima right in the center of my lips to add a hint of orange and to make my lips seem a little bit fuller. Insipiration Soo YoungIn the video, you can’t see too much detail in the eyes, but still shots show a bit of a slanted wing and a lot of smokey shadow, so I focused on copying those details. SYeyesEye details. What do you guys think? :) Does it look like a look you might want to steal too?

Check out the other awesome BNT Girls and their recreations of SNSD’s Mr. Mr. looks. I don’t think all of their posts are up yet, but watch their pages and I’ll change these links to direct links to their posts as they go up. :)

And if you’re a K Pop fan or if you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out! It’s pretty catchy. :)

3 responses to BNT Girls Get The Look: Girls’ Generation “Mr. Mr.” (SooYoung)

  1. I love your look! I think her eyes had a bit more eyebag action going on but tbh I don’t know if that would really suit your eyes. I love how ~refined your liner and shading are <3

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